Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Horseshoe Bend

The drive - this is up in Northern AZ, almost to Page. Probably about....20 min or so away I'd say. the mountain rocks were split barely so that a road could go through. Pretty neat.

BEST STOP on a road trip ever. Seriously. This is right outside of Page, AZ. Horseshoe Bend. 
Behind me is an amazing site but you have to get closer to see what is below that is so great.

I couldnt stop staring.

Isnt it so beautiful? Yes, I took this picture.

It's less than a mile to walk from the parking lot over rocks and through some sand. Not a hard hike at all!

Some cuties from Quebec took a picture of my sister and I. There were quite a few people there, maybe 25 or so? Taking pictures and posing. Some had huge fancy photography cameras and others had simple ones. I definitely want to go here again and hopefully it can be with Tony next time.

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