Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover

So in case you didnt hear about it, the show Extreme Home Makeover has been in Utah, about 15 min from where I live, in a community of homes called Daybreak, building a home for a family. I got to volunteer to help on the Saturday before I left to go to AZ for the week. SO glad I got to help out for at least one day! It was pretty fun and neat to see how fast the house was being built and the progress being made. Here are some pictures from the day I went to volunteer:


 We sat under this tent until they called us to come do some work

Me, Celeste and Bonnie with our cool shirts!

Side view of the house being worked on...a piece of the roof going on 

We got to go down to the basement and remove wood scraps and other house building trash. In this picture the guys are doing wiring. In between those ladders was a bunch of junk on the floor and our team of 6 took care of all that, plus removing trash from other rooms in the basement area

 Bonnie walking the plank after working for awhile in the basement!

Getting ready to film a part of the show which will air in six months. So long!

 We got to meet Michael Maloney , one of the designers!

Everyone got to yell "Move that bus!" today (Wednesday) actually because they finished a day ahead of schedule and the family got to come home today instead of Thursday. Pretty cool. Wish I could have been there for that. 

They also had a huge benefit concert last night with Alex Boye', Thurl Bailey and others performing to raise money for the family.

Watch the show in...the fall sometime...cant wait to see it air!


The Gilberts said...

That's really awesome! Something I would love to do if it came my way. :)

Aimee said...

Look for it earlier! ;) last nite maloney said it will be 2nd EP of the season. Most likely October. Late September possibly. It was so fun to be apart of everything. Glad so many friends jumped on board too!!! :)