Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chin Wah Restaurant

The picture of my food turned out blurry so you get a picture of Tony's food. I'm sad, I went to look at the menu to see what his was called and we cant remember! Basically it was like a curry sauce (he doesnt like curry but thought this was good) and it had tomatoes (which he doesnt like either but he ate them all!) , peas, carrots, green peppers and meat. Very tasty, I tried a bite :)

We went here because it was a buy 1 meal get 1 free from our Entertainment Book so last Friday for date night (Mar 2) we decided to check it out. It's off the main street and tucked back in a shopping type of center so it was hard to find at first. 

There was hardly anyone else in this restaurant and the waitress was very friendly and talkative to the other people in there. 

The menu is located on their website and if you take a look, there are lots of choices so it took us awhile to decide. 

I believe what I got was the beef soup and it had potatoes and vegetables in it in a curry type of sauce with chicken as my meat. It was very tasty!

The price is a little on the expensive side (to me) but if you have a coupon it is worth going.

Their website is:

Their location is: 849 E 9400 S , Sandy UT

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