Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arizona-Mexico Weekend Part 2

I've never used my passport before and I figured Mexico would be the closest and easiest place to break it in. So on Saturday my sister and I met up with Celeste and Chris at the Waffle House in Chandler where we had some breakfast and headed out. Chris drove my car and the rest of us watched Nacho Libre on his phone to get in the mood. We got pulled over on the way for speeding but luckily the cop let us go.

Funny that Harold Camp "predicted" the end of the world to be this very day and the painting on the side of this building when I got out to get insurance for Mexico says "End of the World" Too funny!

Had to stop here and get a stamp for our passport book and take a couple pictures at the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. A place Tony & I have down to go to someday but didnt make it there when I lived in Arizona.

We ate here for lunch. This is my 2nd time going here and its been delicious each time. I'm so glad Chris drove and knew where to go! We all enjoyed our tacos and then decided to do a little shopping.

Some random pictures , there was a cool store called Candy Cake but sadly it was all closed :( The statue we saw shortly after crossing the border. I dont know who it is. We all got bracelets with our names on them. Note for next time: get them made on the beach , Laura spent $3 on hers while Celeste and I paid $5 for ours at a shop!

Checking out the view of the ocean before actually heading to the beach.

So happy to be at the beach! The water was not cold at all.  If we had gotten there a few hours earlier I probably would have gone in all the way. The sand did not have much broken glass like I was told there would be. Celeste and I got henna tattoos.

My friend Chris took these pictures. Looks fun and a little scary when it got so low to the water and people.

Thanks to Chris for taking these pictures. We all had a super great time hanging out til the sun went down!

We all ended up getting our hair braided on the beach. I've always wanted my hair done like this! My only regret was not getting my whole head done. The lady did a good job and did all our hairs 3 for $20 which was better than the deal Celeste and I had originally of 2 for $16. We added Laura for a few extra dollars.

We debated just getting a hotel and staying the night but good thing we didnt because we all had our phones in airplane mode so we didnt get charged for calls or texts and Celeste's family was freaking out that they didnt hear from her and they thought she was lost in Mexico or something. It was funny to us to hear and read all the texts on the way home when we got reception again but I'm sure Celeste's family didnt think it was too funny.

Sunset in the background.

We left Mexico around 10? 1030? So much for making it back to Goodwill for their 50% off sale which I was a little bummed about. Going back across the border we all showed our passports and we were good to go. We were the only car leaving which was nice, we didnt have a long wait nor did we have little kids trying to sell us gum and tortillas as we left.  Luckily no cops pulled us over on the way home. It was a GREAT trip and a super huge thanks to Chris for his mad driving skills It was a good way to leave the area as on Sunday around 1230 , Laura & I left to head back to Utah.

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