Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Backwards

Since I dont have any pictures from the photographers yet (just some unofficial ones that family took) I will blog about the honeymoon first and the wedding/reception later.

(here is one pic of us just out of the temple that my brother Evan took)

We left the reception around 930 (we had planned to leave at 830, oops) and we couldn't fit all the wedding gifts and leftover decorations in my car so after staying the night in Natomas at a nice hotel we came back to Woodland we opened all the presents that were in gift bags at the Bringhurst's house. That was fun and we were able to fit them in the car after that.  Side note about staying in Natomas, the Black Bear Diner was across the street and Tony had a Groupon for eating there. So thats where we went for a late breakfast/early lunch and it was really good. Turns out they have a few locations in AZ and even one in Utah!

 The black bear handing out Easter eggs. Hilarious this little girl saw him and wanted him to hold her and he seriously held her for 15 min or more. Managers and strangers were coming up to the family that the girl belonged to and were snapping pictures. It was so funny!

 my food - omelette with hash-browns. So delish!

Tony with his food. We were both so full when we finished!

Next we went down to San Francisco and stayed at the Sofitel Hotel there and it was really nice, the room was huge, it was like an office suite! We opened the rest of our wedding presents which was pretty fun and went to dinner at the Medallion Steakhouse. I got steak ,carrots and green beans. Most of the items on the menu were fish but my food was so so good. Esp the steak. Then we drove around a little bit..on the way to SF my GPS stopped working for some reason so we had to use the GPS on my phone and it wasn't very good. Mens Warehouse was closed so we couldnt return Tony's vest/shirt/cufflinks (Sunday + Easter)  so we went back to the hotel and had some snacks and hung out, watched some tv.

Monday we returned Tony's stuff to Men's Warehouse and the plan was to drive down Highway 1 to LA. Well, we went about 75 miles on it and there had been signs saying the road was going to be closed but we thought for sure there would be a detour.

Got to the end of the road after 75 miles and it was closed for reals. And gas there was $5.50. 

So crazy. Glad we didn't need any! So I drove 75 miles back and then it was too late to go to LA which was a bummer because we had a hotel to stay in Hollywood and dinner at a pirate themed instead we went to Monterey and went to the Aquarium which I never remember going to and it was pretty neat we got lots of pictures and some video. We had an hour and a half til they closed but we managed to see mostly everything. 

I thought the Jellyfish were really really cool

Tony's favorite - the cuttle fish. Watch their backs as they change depending on their background. Pretty cool! Not sure what the fish are doing - kissing? mating? well, enjoy the vid!

huge ginormous fish!

Stopped at the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie shop to get some treats (this is Tony's)

This one is mine - both were SO GOOD 

We were going to go to IMAX but it was closed for remodeling I guess so instead we went to a mall/shopping area went to the Apple store (they had no ipads. sad - there will billboards all over for them!) and got tickets to see a movie (Rio) at 9 , went to eat at a restaurant there in the area called Lalla Grill and it was so so so good. I wish there was one in Utah. We shared a mushroom chicken with potatoes and broccoli. 

Tony waiting for our food and probably thinking about getting all the wrapping off his hand! (4 more weeks now)

Tony and I shared the meal (this was my 1/2) and it was the perfect amount)

Happy to have our food!

ready to see Rio in 3D!

Got to the hotel (we were able to change reservations from Hollywood to Monterey) around 1130 and i was so sleepy ...then on Tuesday we went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and that was soo much fun and we went on some rides and I got to sit on the beach in the sand (not long enough!) and we got Dippin we had to head back to Utah :(

Tony was so excited to go on the Giant Dipper ride. I screamed a lot

 The food was lavenous


 hanging out in the sand!

 panoramic of the boardwalk

 This clown "Laffing Sal" used to be as a welcome sign I guess. She was rocking back and forth and laughing. Scary to me!

 Sold the rest of our ride tickets and bought Dippin' Dots. SO GOOD I don't know why I don't have these more often. They are kind of expensive, that's probably why, but on a honeymoon you do not question the cost (too much)

 I think we left around 2 or 3pm and we drove and drove and got stuck in traffic, and drove and went to Sacramento and got Mongolian BBQ for dinner while we waited for traffic to die down..around 7 or 730 we left and traffic was much better and we drove and gas in Reno where it was finally under $4/gallon and drove more and almost stayed in Winnemucca or Wendover. Glad we finally made it home safe and to our own bed around 5am!

Now to attack this and make it looking good again (this is our living from moving Tony's stuff in on Saturday..such a mess - aiai! But I promise it will look better soon!)


Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Congratulations, Mrs.! You made such a beautiful bride and I am so, so excited to see more wedding pictures! I'm sorry your honeymoon didn't go quite as planned but it looks and sounds like you made the most of it--I love Monterey! Hope you're having fun settling into married life :)

Carissa said...

Love the wedding photo! Congratulations again! Call me sometime when life gets more settled cause I want to hear more about the wedding!