Friday, May 27, 2011

Arizona-Mexico Weekend part 1

So on May 12th I had the urge to go to Arizona. I always have the urge, but this time I thought, what if I can really make it work. I talked to Tony & he said YES! Then I got my sister and our friend Celeste into going and away we went! Drove all night Thursday night, got to my friend Candace's house early Friday morning and I woke up a few hours later to go into work about 8am.  Almost pulled an all-nighter! Work was sooo good. It was real neat to see my coworkers again, sit at my desk and Tricia even came over for lunch (She used to work there) and she made homemade potato salad (drool) and my boss was going to make hamburger's but instead Wendy's made them for us. 

After work (it went by too fast!) my sister picked me up, we went and did some errands and headed over to Brennen and Amanda's reception. Lucky me to pick the same weekend to go to Arizona that they were getting married on. Brennen and I were like best friends when I lived in Arizona. Now Amanda is his best friend but Brennen and I will always have our love for cockatiels connection.

SO he had no idea that I was coming and so when Laura & I showed up, I saw some friends, Chris, Ben and Cammeron and it was so nice to see them! Facebook doesnt always do friendships justice. Brennen and his wife were dancing on this cool black and white checkered floor and after the dance I caught his eye and he was so surprised to see Laura & I standing there! Haha! Best surprise ever! 

Here are some not-so-great quality pictures from their reception which was AMAZING!

Above is Brennen, Amanda & I
Next picture is them dancing on the dance floor - see the sweet wall of records on the right?
Middle - their table decor. It was 50's themed and very well done!
Last picture is of them again dancing. Super cool

The food was hamburgers or hotdogs and root beer floats!

They left in an antique car that had been donated by a man who owned a few. Such a neat idea! The man and his wife chaperoned them off to their hotel for the night. Then on Sunday Brennen and Amanda went to Disneyland for their honeymoon until Thursday. SO fun!

Super old truck filled in and around with all shapes and sizes of presents.
SO glad I got to go to Brennen's reception. I'm really happy he found someone to love and I hope they have an awesome life together. I'll always cherish the memories of things we did in Arizona together..

- going to see the cockatiel's at Dalton's Birds
- dollar movies at Superstition Springs mall
- Renaissance Festival
- car washing parties
- going to Sonic for mozzarella sticks
- going to Disneyland & the beach a couple times!
- him coming with me to San Diego for my friend's wedding
- movie nights at his house
- going out to eat in exchange for work he did on my car
- he helped me out TREMENDOUSLY with my car, I am forever grateful
- movie nights at my house & I even made dinner
- breakfast & watching conference at his parents house
- playing the Wii
- his dog Muggles (I lol at the name every time!)
- hanging out when he lived at Rusty's house
- going to church in his ward
- him going to church at Gable YSA ward
- mix and mingle dinners
- church firesides
- him insisting on giving me his jacket when I was cold
- YSA dances and so many activities

Ahh okay I will stop.

Love ya Brennen, hope we can keep in touch and keep that crest rockin!

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