Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elle J Photography Contest

Wow I am WAY overdue in blogging about this. Back in January I entered a contest that I noticed on Facebook. It was to win a Photoshoot from Elle J Photography, spray tan, hair cut /color/style and shopping spree from So Cute Boutique. I thought I'd give it a shot to try to win because I could certainly use a makeover. We had to submit our most "attractive" photo and then have our Facebook friends vote on it. So , I used the photo above...taken at my friend Hillary's wedding a couple years ago. I havent changed much. At first it was fun and easy to get votes. Then, the contest seemed to take forever to end!  I managed to stay in the lead for most of the contest. 

Fast forward to the last 2 days. 

I was ahead by so many votes ( I forget how many) on Friday when I went to sleep. Woke up Saturday morning and was in 2nd place by 20 votes! Yikes. Tony stayed home pretty much all day to help get me votes. I had to go to a baby shower and Joey's football game ( I was so glad to take a small break!) but other than that (and a 15 min trip to the grocery store total) I was at home, online, trying to get votes. It felt like I was down by at least 30 votes all day! Desparte times call for desperate mesasures. The contest ended at 11:59pm and the last couple hours I started re-telling friends who had not voted yet by posting it on their fb wal. Then I texted everyone and told them to GO VOTE! It worked, bc in the end..


I believe it was 430 votes to 410 votes that the girl who finally fell behind me got. Man. MAN I was so excited I couldnt sleep til 3am. Not so good when you have church at 830am but it was so worth it.

See a picture from the shopping spree that I finally got to do last Saturday, here. Pardon the weird expression. I have the haircut & makeup on the 17th, spray tan on the 18th and photo shoot with Elisha on the 20th! Super stoked!

Thanks a TON to any friends reading this post who voted for me. I couldnt have won without your help. Some special shoutouts to Vincent, Spencer, I believe Ashlee, my sister Laura, Autumn , Tony and others, who posted it on their facebook walls to help spread the word and got some of their friends to vote for me. Woot woot! It felt so awesome to win! I cant wait to do the photo shoot & post the pix!


Ashlee G. said...

I cannot wait to see the pictures!!!

Sean and Deana said...

I'm so happy for you that you won! I hope you post pictures of it asap. I'm sure you will look beautiful :)