Monday, January 10, 2011

Wrapping Up Christmas (finally!)

Linda's tree so pretty & decorated on Christmas morning

Joshua and I on Christmas morning

Had fun talking/ listening or trying to listen on the phone to my brother Jeffrey who is on his mission in South Africa. Real bad Skype connection but it was cool to hear his voice a bit. Went to visit the Valentines after opening some nice presents at Linda's house and Nicole's husband Benson made everyone breakfast. Headed to my grandparents house in Rocklin around 1230. It was raining so crazy hard but the closer I got to their house, the more clear weather came. Phew!

 Family - be so jealous - deviled eggs - stuffed celery - yummy carrots and ham - funeral potatoes - cranberry jello salad - cheese and my favorite fruit salad with white marshmallows in it. MMMM you all missed out!

Chocolate cheesecake type dessert Mmmm

 Joey and I working on the puzzle from last year! A little more progress made...

These are the presents at the gift exchange. I won back what I brought! Which is a good idea I brought something I kind of wanted because there was nothing else too much that I wanted so much. There WERE good gifts though! I hope everyone was happy with what they got. Some gifts I got from my relative (totally not expecting anything!) was a cool bird photo album and new B&BW lotion, gloves that you can use with a touch screen phone/ipod/etc and a hat from REI & panda Beanie Baby.

 Joey showing the presents during the white elephant gift exchange. He was such a good presenter!
 Playing Cranium with Paul, Rene and Joey. Joey & I were on a team vs Paul and Rene. It was fun but I dont think I like that game so much! LOL

 Playing some fun games of Mexican Train!

 My grandparents beautiful decorated tree

I'm so so grateful for all the awesome presents I got from family and friends. I'm so thankful I could drive up to Woodland for Christmas to see everyone and continue my tradition of celebrating the holidays in California. It's my last Christmas being "single"! Eek! Hopefully next year Tony & I can work out to go to CA for Christmas but we'll just have to see...

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