Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ostriches & Cactus

Saturday morning we headed out and our first stop was the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm. It's off the i-10 on the way to Tucson. My cousins have gone before and really had a good time and I had driven by it on previous occasions so I really wanted to check it out. Esp. when I heard I could feed birds.

First we fed other animals though. For $5 you got a big white cup of food and you could feed the deer, goats, miniature horses and the ostriches with that. Then you got a small cup of nectar to feed the birds. We also went on the monster truck tour around the whole place. It was really cool! The lady driving did a great job and was full of neat facts about ostriches, the area and Az. On our truck ride there was a couple from Alaska , Syria and a few other places. At the end of the tour she went fast over some bumps/drops in the dirt and Tony & I moved to the back to make the ride even more exciting. Luckily nobody flew out.

 This was one of our stops on the tour. We got to go "fishing" with the ostriches and a piece of grapefruit or orange attached to a pole and string.

 Warning sign!

the monster truck we got to ride in!

Next we headed to the Saguaro Forest National Park. Check out some of the pics Tony & I took below:

 I love these panoarmic shots

Tony took this sweet picture of a cactus with the sun behind it

Me with a funny bendy arm cactus


 Sun was starting to go down and I got chilly! I had so many layers

All in all the Saguaro National Forest was pretty amazing. Tons of cactus everywhere and we hiked a couple short trails but there were more + longer ones also. Yay for getting another stamp in our passport book!


Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

K, that ostrich farm looks like so much fun! Those bright green birds are fantastic. I love how good you are at finding interesting things to do!

Michael Beckstead said...

Wow, that looked pretty fun and interesting! I would have never even thought to go to a place like that!