Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THANKSgiving 2010

 Driving from Salt Lake City to Idaho, we stopped in Twin Falls and got a picture by this bridge at the Snake River. My handsome Tony! It was SO cold and my one hand holding the camera took a long time to get warm once we ran back to the car. I thought my fingers were going to snap off like icicles. 

Taking some other fun pictures of the scenery. My panda hat and gloves helped keep me so warm! (minus the hand I took pictures with)

So anxious for this lil girl to get to town! My sister and her husband and baby Hailey (who is not so much baby anymore) arrived Thursday morning from Rexburg. They left really early and said Hailey was pretty well behaved on the trip. She is almost 1-1/2. Once she warmed up to everyone she interacted more and started running around. So fun to get some cute pictures of her!

So many Hailey faces!

Hailey showing Pandy some love ;-)

SO THANKFUL that Laura and Rocky made it from Salt Lake. They left on Wed night and stayed the night in Burley, then drove the rest of the way to Meridian on Thanksgiving morning!

This pic was actually taken on Friday before Laura & Rocky left to drive back to Salt Lake. Love and miss them & I'm so glad they could come!

 Julianne brought their wii and Hailey pretended to play by swinging a tv remote. So cute!

Tony came for Thanksgiving day! I was so glad when he finally showed up because all 3 of my sisters had their husbands/fiancée' there and I wanted Tony to be there too. It worked out nicely for Tony to come to my parents house because his siblings were all going to their spouses' houses' (a rhyme!) and so Tony's parents had "Thanksgiving" on Saturday (will be blogging about that later!)
Before we started eating my parents made us play a couple games.
The first one was that we had to put on a hat and then a tie and use 2 spoons to open a present. While this was happening, the person ahead of the one trying to get the present open, was rolling 2 dice. When they rolled a double, it was their turn to put on the hat and tie and try to get the present open before the next person rolled a double. It was hilarious. The present was Nips candy ( I forgot to take one..sadness ) and it reminded me of my Granny bc that was one of her favorite kinds of candies.

The next game was BINGO with Thanksgiving words. Fun...and I was sure to take extra marshmallows to snack on throughout the game :) Finally we were done playing games.

 I loved all the favorite foods my family makes at this time of year. My dad's homemade fudge and a candy with peanuts in it (I dont know what its called) , Laura brought chocolate chex mix and regular chex mix. I contributed candy corn , hehe. Someone brought cheese in a can to spray on round Ritz crackers and there were other treats to snack on before the regular meal started. 

 After eating we relaxed for a bit and then since Rocky had never seen the movie "Elf" we went to Hastings to buy it since Laura had forgotten her copy in Utah. I love Tony's smile in the picture above before we headed out the door. His eyes are smiling :)

I love my family. You cant really tell who anyone is, right? A certain someone who will remain nameless, didnt want to appear on my blog, but I think I disguised him/her well enough - hopefully ;-)  (ps my dad is taking the picture or he would be...pictured)

Soon it was time for a 2nd meal, and pie, and looking through Black Friday ads...Tony & I watched a couple shows on my laptop and called it a night because we had plans to be up and out early on Friday for shopping. Friday fun will be in my next blog post so stay tuned.


Michael Beckstead said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love this time of year so much!

tomiannie said...

Hi, Stacie -- thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question... it took a LOT of hours to cut them all, and almost as long to string them. It was a labor of love, definitely. :) Merry Christmas!