Thursday, December 2, 2010

Staying Busy

Catching up on some pictures I never posted that maybe arent quite long or interesting enough to be an entire blog post by themselves, but they needed to be put up sometime. So here ya go...

 LDS Film Festival at the church. I go every year...usually called the LDS Academy Awards but the name was changed this year for a stupid reason. I thought the decor was pretty cool though!

 Brennen and I went to a backyard band concert on a Saturday night where one of my favorite local bands performed. They did awesome! Lots of people there but I knew nobody - so strange! I did see Steve Cox though, a great guy who just got married recently. Yay for seeing old friends!
 My friend Courtney hosted a card making party on a Thursday night. I showed up late because I was stressing so bad on what card that everyone could make. Went to the Dollar Tree only to find I didnt have my debit card so I left all my items there and never went back. Ended up finding my own crafty items and designing a little easy card. Phew! The one I made is in the top left corner. Not your regular style but good for putting on a plate of cookies or hanging over the edge of a gift bag. Everyone seemed to like it and esp. how easy it was.
Went to PodCamp AZ for the 2nd year in a row. Too bad iJustine was not there. It would have been fun to see her again. I went to a real good panel though about social media and a few other classes. I ended up just going Saturday because Sunday it only went til 1230 and I had other commitments already. Darn! After PodCamp I went to AZ Mills Mall and did some great pre-black-friday shopping and got this panda hat. I've been wanting one for a long time now! Success!

Brennen convinced me (didn't take too much convincing) to drive down to Tuscon on a Wed night (2 hrs away) to go see The Rocket Summer perform. I hadn't gone to their live show since Warped Tour in CA, back in 2007? I think? Sooo we went to the concert and it was hecka good. Downloaded his tunes to my ipod and his music is pretty addicting. Def. an intimate setting which was nice and he is really down to earth and friendly! Before the concert we visited my friend Johnny & his wife Brittany. It sure was nice to see them again. I hadn't been down to Tuscon since the fall of 2007! He and his wife have come to Mesa a few times since then, but still. We didn't get back to Chandler-Mesa area til after midnight but it was so worth it.

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