Monday, November 15, 2010

This Chick is a Winner!

I opened up my NetNewsWire app on my ipod this morning and was reading blogs I follow that I had missed over the weekend. I came across Nat The Fat Rat's blog and saw that I had won one of her give-aways! I was so shocked, I dont think I've ever won anything on a blog before! I enter about 50 % of the time but never has my name been chosen. 

The blog post I commented on is here

Here's my comment in case you dont want to scroll through them all:

"Ashton Kutcher...he is good looking, funny, and you dont have a Backstreet Boy on here + I'm anti Nsync fan so...Ashton it is!" 

Exciting huh! Of course since I'm a huge fan of birds I think I will pick the owl or the fat blue bird print from this Etsy shop. Yesss. Rah rah rah! What a great surprise on what could have been another dull Monday ;-)

1 comment:

Michael Beckstead said...

Awesome! I've never won anything in my life!