Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Fair - Again!

When my friend Tim was in town from Utah, we went to the fair on Friday night + 2 of my roomies came along as well!

If you got in before 6pm you got in for $5 and some food was $1. We rushed through the gates with 3 minutes to spare and I ran and got this mini cotton candy for $1. Success!

PeiPei got the kalua pork with chicken and rice. SO tasty. Btw, I stole these pictures (above and a few others) from her Facebook page. Natalie got breadsticks. Tim got a hot dog and he bought me a hamburger. For $7.75 it sure was good!

Line for the concert - and this was to get in free + it had already started!

 Then we headed over to a building to watch Snoop Dogg perform. Security was a joke. They made PeiPei turn her camera in. Luckily they didn't see mine. Then they made us throw away our EMPTY water bottles but people with all kinds of drinks were walking in right past us. Then we got patted down by a girl that we swore was really a guy. Finally we got inside and found seats. I was surprised that I recognized more of his songs than I thought. The people a few rows up from us were smoking weed and Tim tried to get security's attention about it but they did nothing. Lame. It was fun to go to the concert though - people were really into it - standing on their feet for most of the show.

After we rescued Pei Pei's camera when the concert was over, we went on some rides. The giant slide was one of them.

 Tim held all our purses and bags while we went down the slide. What a great guy!

We went on this crazy ride which I liked but Tim and Natalie maybe not so much. The seat squeezes you kind of tight!

Caught a peek of the rodeo for a few minutes as we rested our legs from all the walking. 

 Rested our legs on the ski lift ride over the fair. Catt and Peipei are ahead of me and Tim and Natalie

Pineapple whips at the fair is a MUST have for me! The creamy delicious smooth goodness melting in my mouth. I think everyone liked this dessert a lot! Catt took our picture. She is my friend and showed up around 8:30 or so to meet up and hang out with us.

 Tested out the bumper cars which was our last ride for the night.

All in all a very successful night at the fair. I have 1 more fair post to write about but I'll give you a break in between to read about something a lil different! Stay posted...

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