Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coronado Cave & Monument

Saturday morning we got up a little late but headed down to Southern Arizona to do some hiking and caving and get another stamp in our passport book. We drove past Tucson, to the Sierra Vista area, all the way to Coronado. The hike was 1 mile round trip but it felt longer because I am really out of shape [again].

The weather was perfect though and when we go to the cave it felt nice inside after working up a set on the hike there. Some parts were a little steep but our hiking sticks really helped a lot.

Here I am inside the cave

Outside the entrance to the cave. It goes back about 600 ft. or so inside with some cool rocks to climb on and around. You can find more info about the cave here

Next we took a scenic drive to Coronado National Monument

You can see the border of Arizona and Mexico from up here. Pretty wild!

See? There is the border line between the US and Mexico!

Behind us was an empty border patrol van...our faces look so weird. Not the best pic, but you get the idea. It was pretty up here!

 Behind me in the distance, is Mexico

All in all a very great trip down to Southern AZ. Hope to go exploring down there again soon!


Michael Beckstead said...

That looks like a blast!

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