Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tony Time

Tony flew in to Phoenix on the evening of September 23. I picked up a Little Ceasers pizza and picked him up and we drove straight to the drive-in theater in Scottsdale where we got to see Grown-Ups which was playing for free , along with a few other movies, for customer appreciation night. My mind was on the movie, which was alright but mostly on the fact that Tony had brought me:

this phone - the Samsung Vibrant - to borrow .... ;-) I love love love this phone. Its tons faster than my HTC Magic and the display is amazing. However I secretly still heart the iphone.

Fast-forward to Friday when I got off work at 1230pm.
I drove home and Tony had everything ready for our weekend in northern Az. After a quick stop at Walmart, we drove to the Casa Grande National Monument and learned about the history that was there.

We checked out this place but sadly it was closed:

Then we drove to Safford for the Salsa Festival/Hot Air Balloon Glow. There was way more salsa to sample on Saturday but we didn't stay that day. Still, we got to sample a LOT of kinds and I really only liked 3 of them. For $4 you got a plate of chips and samples of all the salsas that were there.

No explanation needed. It was AMAZING

 Stopped by this place to get ice cream, it was pretty crowded so that meant it must be good. And it was!

I picked up the salsa book I had won on twitter, bought a cell phone case for my new phone at the TMobile booth, voted to keep a public library in Safford and got this awesome henna bird tattoo. It has now flown away off my hand :( but it did last a couple weeks!

On the way to our campsite (which we never technically found) we passed the new Gila Valley temple! I was so excited to finally see it - it was right on our way! We got some cool night shots of it on my camera.  Tony took the one in the middle.

Ready to see our Saturday adventures? Stay tuned - coming soon!