Friday, October 1, 2010

Seal Beach

After Nicole & Laura left Sunday morning back to Utah and we all had checked out of the hotel , Brennen and I decided to hit up the beach for a few hours. We found Seal Beach and it was pretty nice. The weather was perfect and I enjoyed laying out on the beach for a couple hours then playing in the ocean some. Sadly we didn't see any seals but we didn't walk the whole length of the beach. We did see a Hindenburg type balloon, 2 airplanes pulling ads behind them for alcohol and some cool birds dive bombing for fish in the ocean. Found some cool shells too.

 Brennen buried my feet in the sand . Hehe!

Brennen got quite burned from Disneyland and the beach so we went to a super ghetto Walmart in Long Beach where he picked up some aloe and a hat. Meanwhile I was outside watch a parade get put together. For what? I had no idea until I asked someone next to me and he said its a huge Brazilian parade that happens every year a the tv crew was even there there to tape the event and re-broadcast it back to Brazil. Really cool! I got some neat video footage on my camera that I need to post...

 Here is poor Brennen scooping on tons of aloe for his poor burned head. Awww

Ate some Panda Express and wanted to go explore Hollywood but I think we'll save that for a different trip where I can plan it a bit better. The drive home was fairly uneventful, however I did have to call 911 about a drive that was driving really dumb , either tired or drunk and nearly ran me AND a big rig off the road. Scary. Got back to Mesa around 1130pm and we were exhausted. I drove the whole way. Cant complain though , the company was great and the weather was awesome and my car preformed well. I'm excited for the next Cali trip!

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