Thursday, September 23, 2010

15.5 Hours of...Disneyland!

That's right folks. FIFTEEN & 1/2 were spent in Disneyland last Saturday, Sept 18th. Crazy? Probably. Fun? HECK YES! Nicole and Laura drove about 10 hrs from Utah and got there about 2pm on Friday. Brennen and I left a bit late on Friday evening and got in about 1am Saturday morning. We stayed at the Crowne Point Plaza Hotel and it was really nice!

We were up a few hours later getting ready to head out for the day & we picked up Brennen's ticket and our friend Julia.  Best news EVER!??! Julia got me, Laura & Nicole into the park for FREE!!!! Oh we were all sooo stoked. She hung out with us too in the morning before she had to work, then later again in the evening when she got off. She is doing an internship in DL til December I believe. 

Waiting to get in the park. We took the shuttle from the parking garage which now costs $15 to park for the day.


Started out with Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion 

Rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Rickety but oh so fun! Julia got to hang out with us for a few rides in the morning.

 Checking out the Jungle Cruise

Main Street all decorated for Halloween!

The Dapper Dans sang a song to Nicole called 5'2"  Hehe. She was major embarrassed. I wish I had gotten it on vid!

Saw this random performance of High School Musical 3.

Over in California Adventure we went on the Monsters Inc Ride (below)

Next we went on Soarin' Over California which ride I love love love so much it makes me want to cry. Weird huh! I'm not the crying type but something about that ride is just so....awe-ing. Plus I got to see hot air balloons which was awesome! 

Brennen getting his cool on under the big mister!

 This ride was a water ride and I am not sure if anyone had gone on it before but me. The other people in our "raft" were really nice. 2 were from Russia and 2 were from California. The people who sat by each entrance got the most soaked, luckily I was in the middle area kind of so the only thing that got soaked was one of my shoes. Phew! Such a fun ride and we all dried out pretty quick minus Brennen - because he was wearing jeans.


I took the shot above from standing in line waiting. The wait was probably about 40 minutes at least!

Got fast passes for Space Mountain which was SO good because the line was ridiculously long and we got in without too much of a wait. 

This ride has not been open for a long time. It was a Michael Jackson 3D movie but then changed to Honey I Shrunk the Audience for quite awhile. This year it reopened as the Michael Jackson 3D movie. Pretty funny because the outfits and hairstyles are SO old fashioned (80's? I was born that year but still! gag!) Brennen had seen it before but the rest of us never had.

I have never ever gone on the submarine ride so we took advantage of it on this trip. The line was long but moved at a decent speed (for Disneyland) and it was quite the experience!

 Another thing I had never done at Disneyland was the Tiki Room. We got some pineapple whips and headed in. I didnt even know what it even WAS but Nicole said it was so cool and she was right. Singing birds. I heart birds. So of course, I love loved it. Took some vid that I will upload to Youtube and link to this blog post.

Walking back over to Disneyland we could see some of the fireworks going off and caught the end of the show.

 Nicole & Julia went to ride Small World and Laura, Brennen and I went to Peter Pan's Flight. Another terribly long wait in line and we were so exhausted but it was fun!

 So tired at the end of a long but fast 15-1/2 hours spent at Disneyland. Well worth it and again a HUGE thanks to Julia for getting us in at no cost!


Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

I love it! I'm so bummed I missed you, but it looks like you had such a blast! And for free, so even better! Such fun pictures and such fun friends. You can't help but love Disneyland :-)

The Gilberts said...

Cool! I loved going to California adventure. We liked the Tower of Terror! I think we went on that ride like 10 times while we were there. Granted we stayed for a week, but STILL. Way more on that ride than any of the other ones. :D I am seriously jealous. Looks like a ton of fun!

Michael Beckstead said...

Wow! 15.5 hours, that's awesome!

Carissa said...

Thanks Stacie for the shout out! Miss you guys but glad you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!!!!! I so want to go to Disneyland in October!