Monday, August 9, 2010

Water Parks & Tiny Cups

Cell phone pic - Tempe Marketplace - Sunset

Thursday evening when Tony got in , we hung out at Tempe Marketplace for a bit and worked on some things with our cell phones and I went to Ulta <--newly found a sort of favorite store. Then since we were starving, we headed to our favorite place to eat! (see above) where I got my favorite - kabobs - nom nom nom
The next day (Fri) I worked 1/2 day, then Tony picked me up and we headed out to Scottsdale to ask a question about my ring and to get it cleaned. It was so pretty and sparkly when it was finished! I kept flashing it at Tony's face saying "Sparkle sparkle, sparkle sparkle!" Haha. Then we headed to Target to register - something I've always thought would be fun to do! It was fun until our scanner died. Luckily everything was backed up so we got another scanner. A short time later, IT died too! Finally on our 3rd scanner and 2 coupons for $3 off our purchase, we finished!

Click the pic above to make it bigger. Kinda funny!
Tony found a wii to play while I was busy scanning. Hehe

That evening we went to the water park in Tempe. I'd never gone before. It was quite exciting. We went down a few slides, I went down one by myself with no tube! That was sort of scary but fun. It wasnt even a very long slide but still. In the wave pool it was a little scary at first, I thought we had to have boogie boards to ride the waves but nope - we just jumped when they came and the water was only 4-1/2" deep so it wasnt bad. The only bad part was that coming down one of the slides, Tony lost his contact :( So he kinda sat out after awhile because he wasnt feeling so great. I guess trying to see out of 1 contact throws your balance off.
We still had lots of fun though!

 Saturday we went to Costco. Tony got chicken rolls and I got pizza. We asked for a cup for water and this is what the lady gave us. Except she gave us ONE. So when her back was turned, we grabbed a few more....

Trying to find the exact contacts Tony needed took awhile because the Costco in AZ doesnt sell the same brand as the Costco in Utah. Finally after many phone calls, we found some at a Target in Mesa.

I wanted this. So so so much. At Ross. $10. Sigh. We didnt get it. I should have. I even told the guy who was checking my purchases so we could leave the store, that I wanted it but wasnt allowed to have it. He was like "huh?" lol!! Sigh. Our plans of going north were put off because of Tony's contact  hunt and then we realized we needed a few items of clothing for our photo shoot on Sunday (mainly Tony) so we hit up Ross, Old Navy, Target and Goodwill. The mall too. It was a busy shopping afternoon!

We ate food from Gecko Grill - I had a mango quesadilla. So good. We watched Inception but I sort of fell asleep towards the mid-end of the movie because we were sitting/laying down on blankets in the back of my car and it was just so comfy...Its a movie you have to see at least twice though [so i hear] so I have a good reason to see it again!

I kept the pic as small as I could so you didnt get grossed out like me. Funny story. The ending first. I found this in my bathroom and Tony flushed it away for me. I didnt trust vaccuming it up bc it might crawl out of the bag! So a few weeks ago when Natalie was coming to check out the room I had for rent, she was coming to get the grand tour and Brennen was over too. He saw this roach on one of the cupboards in my kitchen. Shudder! He quickly turned off the light in the kitchen and he forgot to tell me (til weeks later) that the roach was there. Omgoodness I almost died! So then a few nights after Natalie moves in, I hear her give out a scream in her room but figure its a bug and I didnt open my door to see. SO THEN this thing ends up nearly dead on my bathroom floor. Disgusting! At least its not the kind that gets in your food. But why was it in my kitchen?! HMM! I threw up in my mouth a little at the though. I've never had ANY bugs inside other than the occasional cricket since I moved into where I live currently about 2 yrs ago. Sick sick sick. I figure it must have snuck in when new roomies were moving in.
Check out the travel blog for some other places we went on Monday AFTER we got a new battery for my car. We were driving and stopped to get gas in a town called Black Canyon City that only had 2 gas stations. The Shell station , on all the pumps said, "Out of Gas". Good thing there was 1 other gas station! Finished getting gas and my car wouldnt start. Someone had to jump it for us and we drove 13 miles back towards  Anthem to Checkers and got a new battery. I'm so grateful it wasn't the alternator!

 Took Tony back to the airport early Tues morning and I will see him again hopefully at the end of August!


Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

1. I love Texas Roadhouse.
2. I love getting my ring cleaned.
3. I love registering for gifts.
4. I love water parks.
5. I love dates at Costco/Sam's.
6. I love drive-in movies.
7. I hate bugs.

Michael Beckstead said...

What a fun time. You guys always do such fun things!