Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Engagement Pix - Check Em Out!

Larry @ 12 North Photography here in Mesa, AZ took these engagement pictures of Tony & I at the Scottsdale Art Museum last Sunday afternoon.

I thought it was really cool that this Love statue was available to be in our background!

Click the picture (all one graphic) to see them bigger

Being silly in downtown Scottsdale

There was a spider in that flower. I was nervous it'd crawl out and onto my hand but it didnt.

Sorry for some repeats in the pictures. I was trying to put these together quick so that my family could see and others who are not on facebook.

A bunch of random shots

Tony's favorite shot - the homeless guy behind us who didnt wake up for anything!


The Gilberts said...

I really love your pictures! Your photographer was so creative!! :D I can't wait to see what your wedding pics will look like!

Ashlee G. said...

Larry did a fab job, as always!

I love the LOVE ones, and the goofy ones!

Mel said...

Great Pics! My favorites are goofy ones in the street and the one where you are wearing blue.

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

These are some of my favorite engagement pictures ever! Such a cool location, and you two look so cute!

Michael Beckstead said...

Those are great pics!