Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weddingness of Laura & Rocky

Cutting the cake. 

baby Hailey!

simple yet elegant table decor

arriving at the reception

ring ceremony

parents saying some words about Rocky & Laura as the best man translates



decorated very nicely downstairs

the food was bomb dot com

decorating of course!

nicole and i after decorating

brennen adding some final touches

Ahh..married at last. You can follow my sister on her blog [when she blogs] here

Here are some pix from the big day

waiting for Laura & Rocky to come out of the temple
Reception Place - The Woods on 9th in Utah

and out they come!

kissy kiss time ....hehe

so happy to be married finally!

paparazzi taking pix

my mom & dad :)

taking so many pictures. They had a husband-wife team which I thought was a great idea

my family with the newly married couple

temple shots - courtesy of Brennen

Skinner kids! + Rocky

walking on the temple grounds

pretty flowers

I love this pic

Rocky & Laura with the parents

Loved Laura's dress

We all went to Thaifoon at the Gateway Mall for lunch



Ashlee G. said...

such cute pictures!!

congrats to your sis!

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Laura was a beautiful bride! I love her dress. Her whole wedding looks lovely and like it was so much fun! I bet it made you even more excited for yours :-)

Christina said...

You should post your picture of your food from Thaifoon to!

Stacie said...

really? I never heard of that site..okay!