Friday, July 16, 2010

Lovin California -Camp Ritchie

 The spirit and feeling of girls camp this year was awesome [ like it always its and thats why I love to go!]  and I'm sure I dont even know everything  with all the great things that were planned for the girls to do. This year there was a HUGE number of non members girls up there which made it extra special I think. That also meant that Satan worked harder to try to mess things up but in the end, good always wins and it seemed like a pretty successful week at camp by Saturday.
I cant get enough time on the rock. The girl who took these pix for me, it was her very first time going down so she was pretty nervous but managed to get a few good ones for me.  Yay!

The skits on one of the evenings I was there, were very creative. Every cabin had to put one on. I think this was the first level's skit [pictured above]

Youth Camp President, Katie. She did an AWESOME job I was very impressed.

Me and friends on the last day of camp [Saturday]
Bye Bye Camp Ritchie. See you next year. I regret not going for a whole week this year and I already told Tony , I'm going to Girls Camp ALL week next year so you can come with and help out around camp or I will say "cya in a week!" Hehe 4reals. No joke.

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Michael Beckstead said...

Looks like such a blast!