Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Annual Youtube Conference aka ...


I dont know how or when I heard about this but when I did I asked my friend Chesney (Chez101) if she would want to go and she said YES so months ago we booked flights to Los Angeles and got a hotel room reserved and paid the registration fee for the 3 day conference. 

The wknd of July 10th (my bday wknd!) we flew to LA and took a taxi for the first time. 20 minutes from the airport to Hyatt Regency hotel cost us $55 (to split) ugh - never again! I watched the $$ on the meter go up and up and up and considered asking our driver to pull over and we'd walk the rest of the way. Oh well, now I can say I have ridden in a taxi! (even though it wasnt in NY)

Blogger is still being really dumb and I cant put captions under some of my pictures or else the pictures disappear. UGH i am really really hating blogger and their new system for blogging. :(

This guy - Shane Dawson - is like the Justin Bieber of Youtube. Girls were CRYING when he arrived. He had 2 bodyguards! So crazy

Me and sxephil

brittanilouisetaylor . Never heard of her before today but her vids are pretty cool
very strangely dressed girl at Vidcon. Idk why she was dressed this way

Auto Tune The News performing. They were really good!

iJustine getting interviewed

David Choi performing

iJustine interviewing some other youtubers

I love watching this family on Youtube!

OraBrush was here. My friend Devin was there with them too but he is not in this picture. Sadly I didnt get a picture with him.

Where I volunteered for 3 hours Sunday morning and got 1/2 my registration $$ back! Yeah!

Me with The Station

The Station getting interviewed

Ijustine talking to xTurnipTimex and another girl

Above are two pictures of the hotel we stayed in, the room, and how pretty the landscape was outside

Sunday we ordered pizza from a local pizza place. SOOO GOOD

Flying back to Arizona via Southwest

Me and Karem at 345am Monday morning before leaving the hotel. He was way cool and I'm glad I got to know him!


Aimee said...

Looked like a lot of fun. I watched some of hte vids you posted on twitter/buzz.

vlogging looks interesting... I think that you should do it. LOL If you do it...I'll do it. HAHAHA

Aimee said...

i forgot, i was gonna say, if you post directly from the picasa program on your computer (what i do now) you'll be able to add the captions and stuff. and i think its easier and SOO much faster :)

Michael Beckstead said...

What a blast!