Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Southern Utah Camping Pt 2

** Sorry for no updates for awhile, blogger keeps giving me the new editor which is a lot harder to use than the old one. My settings are set for the old one but somehow the new one keeps popping up. Ugh **

Our plan on Sunday of this Memorial Day wknd trip was to take a drive on a scenic highway and stop and places that looked cool along the way.

I love what the back of this motor home says , "Dont dream your life,live your dreams!" So true and thats what I try to do!

Sunday morning we went all over - on a scenic highway and just drove and drove and drove. We did some hiking too in a petrified forest which was cool. We went the longer way which I thought I was going to die but I didnt. Thanks to my helpful handy hiking sticks that Tony let me use!

Some cool petrified wood we saw. I wish I could have taken a piece but after reading stories in the visitors center about people who have done that and had lots of bad luck, I didnt dare!

Made it to the top!

Pretty flowers along the way.

Found a sweet slot canyon - we walked inside of it and then back out because it didnt go back too far into the mountain. My camera setting didnt work so great here love slot canyons though, I think they look so neat!

It was SO pretty & one of my favorite parts of the drive. I'll have to post the movie I took.

Step backwards to Friday evening..Tony had brought a lot of wood from SLC plus the area we were in had a lot of wood to use but the picture above shows Tony after throwing a heavy rock (pictured by his right foot) at a board to break it in half. He'd throw the rock again and again until the board broke. He did have an axe but I guess he thought this way was more fun? It was definitely entertaining to me..

Thanks to my many years at Girls Camp, we were able to build a successful fire...great for warming ourselves at night when it got cold & of course roasting marshmallows! Sadly I forgot to make roasted banana-chocolate-marshmallow-creation. Next time!

Tony brought a sweet camping stove and we made soup and boiled water for hot chocolate and for oatmeal on it. So handy & worked pretty quick!

Random pic from day 1: Crazy tree we saw during a hike in Bryce Canyon

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