Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where To Start...

Most of you know that I have been dating Tony for awhile and I guess first off I should say that I needed to figure things out with Tony & what we are going to do. Going to Utah for a couple weeks was the only way to do that. In our whole dating experience it has been short weekend visits, never have I gotten to see him every day in his environment. Luckily I have an awesome boss who let me work from Utah for a few weeks so that I could help myself with this decision of moving forward or not moving forward with Tony.

I drove my car to Utah on Saturday the 17th of April and watched the sun set in Arizona. Got to Utah about 6am on Sunday morning and watched the sun rise in Salt Lake City. So crazy. Tony's ward had stake conference so we went to that and I dont remember the order of everything that we did so I will just have to post pictures from my camera in the order that they were taken.

This was taken Sunday morning. He surprised me with flowers - totally wasn't expecting that!

Drove to Idaho the first weekend we had together for his sister's wedding. This is us in Tony's driveway right before taking off. We left Thursday evening, his sister got married on Friday, and we came back to Utah on Sunday evening.

I thought his sister had some really great decoration ideas plus a fun play area for the kids which even included a bounce house!

After cleanup we went to Kuna for a bonfire at Tony's brothers' house with his cousins Marissa & Joey. It was fun hanging out and making smores and banana-boat-type-treats and getting to know everyone on a more relaxed level.

Saturday morning I went to the Boise mall with Matthew & we did some shopping.
Then I took Evan to some thrift stores where we found some cool things.

My dad made me one of my favorite dinners & those rolls that my mom made were SO GOOD my mouth waters just thinking about them.

Played some wii a Tony's friends' house on Saturday night

My parents super cool backyard mom has done a lot of work to make it look the way it does. So amazing. There are even a couple cherry trees (my personal fave)

After church at Tony's parents ward on Sunday. I really liked this tree behind me so I had Tony take a pic of me in front of it. :)

Me with my parents before driving out on Sunday

Me with Mattie & Evan before heading out on Sunday

Ready to head back to SLC

Saw this place along the way and thought it looked cool so we stopped t0 take a break from driving

Stopped in Hagerman by Devil's Gorge..very cool

It was windy but we still got a good picture. There is a waterfall way behind us to the left that was pretty but didnt make it so clearly into this pic

Saw the Twin Falls LDS temple

Some cool looking trees...

I did a majority of the driving in my car but Tony did some too. Got back to SLC about 11am or so. It was great seeing my family an extra time this year instead of at Thanksgiving & fun spending time with Tony & his family too!

Part 2 will be on its way eventually...


Christina said...

Hey, don't leave me hanging! lol Sounds like you had a really great trip and I can't wait to hear the rest! :D

Stacie said...

Aw thanks for the comment Christina! Okay I just posted the next segment of my UT trip..enjoy!