Friday, May 14, 2010

Bi-Polar Utah Weather

When we got back in Idaho, the next few days had a lot of this:

Which didnt please me at all , especially when I knew my Arizona peeps were wearing their summer clothes and getting their tan on. Yet here I was bundled up and sitting in front of a little heater as I worked for my job from Tony's house.

One night I met up with some peeps from my mission at In N Out in Orem. It was a bit of a bummer that only 2 showed up but it was okay! We had fun..I saw Rob (right) at the reunion but it was nice to talk with him again and I hadnt seen Peter (left) since I left the mission in 2005! Fun times for sure. Tony went to BYU to go take a test and dropped me off to eat.

Then we hurried to Yogurt Vibe to meet up with my friend Aimee, her husband Dave and daughter Bailey. Mmm it was good & it was fun to hang out there.

Another evening Tony told me we were doing a double date at the shooting range. I have never gone to the range to shoot before, I prefer shooting outside but I figured I'd have to shoot at a range sooner or later so we went with a nice couple from Tony's singles ward and even though they could only stay for an hour or so, it was a lot of fun. And now Im not so intimidated by the indoor range ;-)

I had won two passes to eat at Sweet Tomatoes a couple months ago from entering a contest on Twitter so I met up with my friend Tim Quinn, Amy & her husband Kenneth & baby Danny, and Jake & Darci and of course Tony was there. This day the weather was so strange because there was a dust storm outside. I thought dust storms only happened in Arizona because I'd never heard of them that I can remember, until I moved here. Dinner was great though! I haven't seen these friends for awhile so it was so great to that evening!

Darn. Guess you'll have to click the image above to see it bigger. After Sweet Tomatoes Tony & I went to see the band Green River Ordinance perform. We missed one of the opening bands, the guy who came on after was really good and we ended up buying his cd. When I remember his name I'll put it in here w/some pix. The venue was tiny so there were prob 30 people or so there. One couple got engaged up on the stage. That was pretty cool! Then GRO came out and did a lot of songs and I got a pic with them afterwards + they were giving out free "demo" cds so they signed that for me too. All in all a very good evening!

(bigger pic of me and GRO)

Part 3 on its way someday soon...


Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

Ahhh yes I am sooo not looking forward to the Utah weather. :( Looks like so much fun though! Hope you move there soon so we can be buds and hang out!

Eric & Aimei Phillips said...

So, this is a random comment, but I was just really happy to be listed under "cali friends" instead of Utah Friends. Cheers for little blessings! :) Hope all is going well with the Ton-ster.

Michael Beckstead said...

So many good times packed into your trips to Utah... anxiously waiting for part 3!