Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Conference Wknd!

We stayed at Mike's house near Provo and when I woke up in the morning (granted we arrived early early in the morning) this is what I saw. Hmm. Welcome to Utah.

After many complications trying to meet up with Tony, he was finally able to get off work and meet me at the mall. Pictured above is Brittany & Johnny, Mike, Ben (Johnny's brother) and me! Missing from the pic is Daniel. He rode with us also from Arizona to Mike's house in Utah.

I finally got to go see where Tony works! His office and desk were verry messy but he is also so busy at work , working on so many things. I got a visitor-pass. We made out in the computer room. LOL jk...

We went to the Jabbawockeez concert at SLCC which was from 7-830 or so. Hard because my mission reunion was at that time! But we went here first and my friend Jared from the mission was event staff along with his wife Kristy. Another friend from the mission, Tyler, opened for Jabbawockeez with his dance crew! So, no cameras were allowed which I think is a silly rule so we snuck ours in and got some great pix and vid until someone caught us and they took the camera away. The show was almost over anyways. Tony went to get the camera (they deleted all the pix!) and I got to shake the hands of most of the Jabbawockeez + say hi to Tyler. Ahh so fun!

Tony was able to recover the deleted pics and vid from the camera. He is so amazing!

Then we hurried to my mission reunion in Bountiful. It was almost 9pm!

Here I am with my mission president and his wife.

Here is the Bleaks (office) , Westons & Hydes (office) Great memories working with these people

Everyone who was there still when I arrived. A few people I didnt know but most I did.

Me hanging out with Rob Sanders (left) and Jason Windley (right) he was my district leader in my second area. And if any of you remember when I got that super expensive speeding ticket in CA a couple years ago, Rob is the one who made that video to help me raise $$ for paying for the ticket. Both great guys and I am so glad we still keep in touch! It was great to see them face to face again.

After the reunion we went to go eat a little something with Johnny & Brittany, Daniel, Brian Ashdown and his wife (he served in the OPM) and Nate Condor and his wife (he served in the OPM too) another fun mini-reunion with lots of stories and laughing.

Saturday was conference! We watched & listened to it at Tony's house.Went to meet up with Laura and her fiance Rocky at his restaurant. The food was really good and Tony & I shared a plate of meat, fries and vegetables before the afternoon session of conference started. We went to listen to it in the tabernacle on Temple Square. When it was over, I saw Emily Depue, who had been sitting a few rows ahead of us with her friend. So fun to see her!

We went cell phone shopping for me because my plan was up with AT&T and I wanted to get an iphone but we went to Verizon, Tmobile and Sprint to check out their deals. Checked out the Apple Store and the ipad had just been released so it was crazy packed!

Hurried to the University of Utah campus for Indian Night with Tony's sister who drove from Idaho for it and some of his cousins.

It was very interesting. The food was too and Tony was still hungry after we ate. There were more performances of dancing and singing after the dinner break but we ended up leaving. It was nice to see Trishna and meet his cousins though.

Saturday night we went to Winco! I got myself some Easter treats. So much for making a basket. Tony found a place to make peanut butter so he tried that out. He'd never done or seen such a thing, so I had to document.

The next morning we woke up to - snow! It was very pretty. These are pics of Tony's back and side yard of where he lives.

I have this awesome friend on Facebook named Cody who lives in Hawaii and he had messaged me Friday about possibly having extra tickets to a session. So we met up on Sunday and I got two! My first time meeting him in real life and ah , oh yeah, he is the nicest guy!

Our tickets were for the morning session so we got to listen to Music & The Spoken Word , the awesome Mormon Tabernacle Choir and of course, the conference talks! We were in the terrace level.

Outside the conference center after the morning session

Taking a quick pic on the walk back to the car on Sunday.

In the afternoon Tony made us foil dinners - stove style - for lunch and they turned out soooo good oh man my mouth waters just thinking about it.

I hung out in the "snuggler" chair while Tony put dinner together, even though I did jump up a few times to help a little. Other than that, I took notes on the ipod.


After! It turned out soo good! Our lil cornish game hens stuffed with stuffing and cooked with orange pieces.

Tony is such a good boyfriend because ever since I had surgery on my ingrown toenail(s) when I was in the MTC, one of them has always had a little problem of growing right. It scares/hurts me to try to clip it myself so he does it and he put on my helmet of bravery while he did it so I didnt squirm as much. Lol!

One night he showed me how to cast and make bullets. This is me casting the melted lead into the mold. I watched him do it a bunch of times before I got confident enough to try it myself.

Here are the bullet tips and the next step in the process. The rest of the steps I didnt really document with pictures but it sure was neat to see how bullets are made & actually help with the process!

So, thats the end of my Utah trip. Mostly. I have a cell phone story (the rest of the story) that I'll post another time. Flew back to Arizona early Tues. morning and am here for now until I go back in a week and a half or so to stay for two whole weeks!

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Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I just got back from visiting Utah for Conference Weekend. I thought I crammed in a lot but after reading this post, I've got nothin' on you!