Monday, March 29, 2010

Wax Hand!

Thanks to my friend Brandon, I got to go to the Renaissance fair out in Apache Junction , about 30 min east of me, on Saturday for FREE instead of spending $20 to go. It was crazy fun. I've never gone to it before and so in my head I had a totally different vision of what I actually experienced.

The poster I am standing by in the picture above made me laugh..the "nunnie nunnie" part so I had to get a picture by it! It was one of the first things I saw when I walked through the entrance.

I got chicken and chips (fries) for my lunch. They were pretty good, and the fries were seasoned! Mmmm

We watched this guy play an instrument that used to be back in renaissance times. I dont remember what it was called but he played it so well! I made a movie, have to figure out where and when to upload it.

We paid $1.50 to go inside a dungeon where it showed different ways they used to torture people. I took a few pix but maybe should not put them up here. Yikes. It was so crazy & I'm soo glad I didnt live back then. Some pretty disgusting ways people were tortured then! Pretty sad. Even women and children. Aiai!

Brennen met up with me, Brandon and his brother about an hour later and got a turkey leg for lunch. He used to come to the festival all the time when he was younger. His turkey leg looked and smelled really good. He was so excited to eat one!

Watched some guys play cool beats on the drums

One of the rides and some cool butterflies off to the right. There was SO much to see and do! One afternoon was not enough time to explore it all.

We were walking around and I saw a place where you could make your own wax hand. I had never seen such a thing and it looked super cool so I made one too!

I had to put my hand in ice water for 20 seconds, then go to the wax dipping station where they dunked my arm/hand in about 6 times, then I circled in a loop with everyone else, dipping my hand in the wax again and again , at least 15 times or more til it got to the required thickness. Then a guy whacked off the wax on my arm, shoved my arm in cold water and popped my hand out of the now mold of my hand. So crazy!

Wasnt sure what color to get so I got the Sacramento Kings colors! Purple , black (& white)
It turned out really cool! It was so neat to do!

We ended up staying all afternoon and it was so fun. I'm glad I took advantage of the opportunity to go!


Ashlee G. said...

those jugglers are my favorite. brian and i went last year and we saw them and i was dying with laughter.

glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome - looks like so much fun!

Michael Beckstead said...

Looks like so much fun and good food!