Friday, March 26, 2010

A Sneak Peek

I was a pageant warrior for the Easter pageant in Mesa last year and I am so blessed to be able to do it again this year! Its a lot of work but I think less work possibly than actually being IN the pageant. They start rehearsing a few months before the show is performed, we just show up the night it starts and for 2 weeks take care of parking, missing children, take out trash, bathrooms, directions, translation, holding the curtain on the stage if it is windy & a variety of other things.

It's not as easy as it sounds though. For example, bathrooms: I was put on them last night with another girl. There are 3 trailers set up with stalls inside. First trailer is women, then men, then women. All the women come to the first trailer and a long line forms. We tell people about the other women's bathroom trailer so they can use those & the line doesnt get backed up quite as much. We restock soap, TP and paper towels. Luckily there is a plumber on call so we dont have to take care of any...disasters. Phew!

Another thing is that the trash cans get full throughout the night, mainly with pizza boxes and other food trash, and there are probably 20 or so trash cans to maintain. At the end of the night we make sure all the bags are changed and empty for use the next day.

The first night I got to work at the missing children's table with my friend Nicole. I'll need to take a pic and post it.

The next night I got to work with my friend Doeshann in the cast parking

When the cast members got out of their hour long fireside, Doeshann did a great job with helping them cross the street & stop traffic.

some girls came by giving away these cupcakes that were like Easter baskets. Made from a cone bowl, cake mix inside, frosting, green coconut, jelly beans and licorice for a handle ( I already ate mine away) They were so good but a little too sweet to finish!

Something cool about last night:
Janet Brewer, Arizona Governor , came to watch the pageant last night. So did a couple members of the Quorum of the 70. Neat!

Something interesting since the pageant started:
A city ordinance was passed and protesters are now required to stand across the street, which is 4 lanes away! hehe
The majority of people getting lost and coming to the Missing Children table are adults! Funny


Ashlee G. said...

Love the pic of Doeshann! and yah that the protesters have to be across the street!

Michael Beckstead said...

Sounds like some good, hard work and very rewarding!

Ash and Matt said...

That sounds like such a neat thing to be involved in! Oh and that Easter basket cupcake is too cute!