Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scottsdale Election

Started the morning of March 9th bright and early..a little after 5am. Got to my first polling place at 6am and they opened fine. Started working my rounds....I had 6 polling places I was in charge of in Scottsdale. Luckily they could all be done in a big loop so I just kept checking in on them through the day.

Around noon Rene texted me the secret word of the day at Sprinkles (Neapolitan) and I went to get a free cupcake! It had strawberry frosting with a thin layer of chocolate frosting over the top. I will include a picture soon.

Mostly I went to school districts and this picture (ab0ve) is of the fire dept. testing the fire hydrants. If it wasnt such a cold day I would have wanted to run through the spray of water!

Lunch was McDonalds...kids meal & chicken nuggets. Funny crown shape! and I thought that the ketchup packets were changing but I got the old style! Lol

The election was very boring because it was small. So the day dragged and went super slow. There was some heavy rain around lunchtime which helped make things exciting. I parked in front of Starbucks 3 times throughout the day to access their free wi-fi (thanks Kokob for your login information!) on my ipod. Took a small nap and also drove to Phoenix to get another freestanding yellow sign from the elections dept.

I saw a toe truck towing a tow truck!

I got done and home around 830 pm. There are 3 more elections this year..one in May I think and also August and November. They want me to work those as well so thats good for me!

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