Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hawaii Festival @ Tempe Town Lake

Every year there is a Hawaiian Festival at Tempe Town Lakes in ..Tempe! Last year I went with my friend Chris. This year , last Saturday, we were lucky enough to go again together & my friend Brandon joined us as well. A few other of my friends went too but I didn't really see too many of them throughout the day.

This stage, the dancer had tons of people coming up and throwing money at her or stuffing it in her dress. It was pretty crazy! The dancer before her just got her mission call and this would be the last time she could "shake her hips" before she became a missionary. LOL!

Besides getting some yummy teriakyi chicken and Kahlua pork with rice and potato-macaroni salad, we got snow cones! My flavors are pineapple, coconut and cherry. They were HUGE so I shared mine with Brandon. There was a little ice cream at the bottom which was cool. The shaved ice was soo good & helped cool us down from so much walking and sitting in the sun.

Chris only has eyes for his shaved ice! hehe

My teriakyi chicken, rice and macaroni salad. Yum Yum YUM!

This is the only pic I got of Brandon and it was taken by accident with my camera phone!

We walked around, watched the dancers, enjoyed the company, checked out the booths of people selling stuff, ate food..all in all it was a blast! Definitely a highlight of living in Arizona & something I've been able to enjoy attending for a couple years and hopefully more to come!


Ashley Gilbert said...

Oooh Those snow cones look so delish and the Sprinkles cupcakes too! Who is this Brandon kid? Haha. Oh I would love to see those AZ skies too. Looks so pretty!

Ash and Matt said...

Looks like fun! If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was August in your last picture :-)

Michael Beckstead said...

What a blast! Shaved ice is so, so good!