Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tuesday night I got to go help volunteer to feed families at one of the Ronald McDonald houses in Phoenix. I rode with a guy named Ben from Chandler because he lived close to my work. It was pouring rain but we made it there about ten minute to six. I had volunteered to bring salad, Ben brought dressing and everyone else who was there had brought other types of food. There was about 12 of us who came and about a dozen families who came to eat. The food was pretty much laid out by the time I got there so Jaclyn helped me put my salad in a bowl and pretty much we hung out while people ate. Got to know a couple of the families there. One family from Payson whose 5 day old son was born with his intestines outside of him! The doctors fixed that, so now they are just waiting for him to be able to eat properly and digest food, then they can take him home. This is their first kid.

The other lady I sat and talked to a little bit was from Lake Havasu and she had her baby super early. It was her first kid too. Yikes! When he gains weight & gets bigger and a little older, she can take him home. It was really neat to learn a little about the RMH and how it works. Families pay $15/day to stay there and get fed 3 meals. Well, breakfast is cereal, lunch is brown bag lunches, then volunteers sign up to come with dinner.

We were going to get a tour of the whole place but it was still pouring rain and a lot of the tour is walking outside I guess, so hopefully I am able to sign up to go again in the next few months and check out the place a little more. It was really nice to go there & give some service cuz I havent gotten to do that lately [the big organized group kind]. Thanks Jackie for putting this together & letting me know about it!


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

That sounds like an awesome opportunity ! Good Job on you!

Lindsay said...

Good job on the service! You may want to check your facts about the lady with the preemie baby, though... If she had it 35 weeks early, it would have been a miscarriage since it would have been about the size of a lima bean :). (I think full term pregnancy is ~40 weeks)

Stacie said...

Hmm it sure sounded like 35 weeks but she was from the Philippines so it was a little hard to understand with her accent. Thanks, I'll edit that :)

Michael Beckstead said...

Nice work! Sounds like you really enjoyed it!