Monday, January 18, 2010

Nothing Here To See, Move Along...

(new haircut thanks to Great Clips)

18 days into the year and I havent gone on a road trip yet! Haha! But I have some upcoming ones planned for sure. First though, events happening this month that I will blog about instead (since the weekends have gotten pretty full'ish)...

24th - Fill Your Own Shoes ysa conference from noon - 4pm They are feeding us lunch which is cool, Dane & Blaine from The Biggest Loser are going to be there, there will be a dating panel, Dave Stahle from Prudential to talk about financial stability, a class to help know more about home buying and a variety of other classes. Should be cool

- - - - I need to get my car emissions tested!! - - - -

30th - participating in a marathon! My roomie Devery signed up for it and so I decided it looked cool & that I'd do it too. We are doing the 2mile one and you can walk or run. I most likely will speed walk. This might be hard because last year at ComicCon in San Diego we had to walk to Chris' car and it felt like FOREVER and I was sooo tired (but I had been walking around the convention center allll day) and he said "we havent even gone a mile yet!" well he could have been wrong but either way I hope I will be okay.

Other than that...nothing else too exciting planned for the rest of the month..just trying to work a lot ( I get to work from home on Wednesday while my boss gets new countertops installed!) , watching American Idol, hopefully I'll get to see my cousins in Chandler again, it has been so so long...looking forward to the winter Olympics starting in February!

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Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I too am looking forward to the Olympics! Yeay!