Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Californian visits Arizona

My good friend from California, Kokob, rode with me from CA to AZ. It was a grueling long drive :( Picked her up in Tracy around 230pm and we didnt make it to my house in Mesa until around 530am Monday morning. We did get turned around a couple times, we did stop for it felt like 30 min to get gas and use the bathroom at a reststop that was super crowded! And we stopped to have dinner in Anehiem with the Valentines. Depsite those delays, and some traffic, we made it safely!

I had to work the days Kokob was there, which sucked but she seemed to do okay. Monday night we went to see the lights at the temple and hear a family sing and we ate at Sweet Tomatoes! Her first time and she liked it a lot I think!

The next day she slept in , I went to work...picked her up at Starbucks and she got me a strawberries & creme frappachino , just like the old days! LOVED IT! We went to eat with my friends Melissa & Morgan at Pei Wei and went to Kohls and then to Ocean Blue where we met up with my friend Brennen for some frozen yogurt. It was a really fun evening and later that night I got her hooked on watching Glee online. LOL!

Wednesday was her last day in Arizona so we made sure to take some pictures by a super cool cactus in Mesa...

and we went to check out Tempe Marketplace. Tons of cool lights, great atmosphere, the weather was decent and we had dinner at Chipotle, did a little shopping and took some pics together before I had to drop her off at the airport.

I'm so glad Kokob could come visit me in Arizona (finally! Its been like 2 yrs since I moved here!) and that she was able to see some parts of it & that we could hang out. Wish that Laura had been able to come too but hopefully next time!


Michael Beckstead said...

Looks like some fun with your last 2 posts!

Stacie said...

i know! i cant believe I was so far behind! blahhh