Wednesday, January 6, 2010

California Christmas

Guess these posts might be in a little mixed up order. I need to catch up! I am blogging about going to Christmas in northern California. I drove my car up there by myself and on the way home my friend Kokob rode with me because she wanted to visit me in Arizona for a few days!

Laura's birthday was on the 23rd so we celebrated by going to see The Blind Side (after I worked for a couple hours in the morning) then we went out to Natomas to eat at Mimi's Cafe (Laura's first time there) and I picked up some Kings tickets (phew!) and we went to the game!! First though we got to see our friend Ashlie who lives right behind Arco Arena

The Kings played the Cavs and the game was tied or the Kings were a few points ahead the whole game. We even went into overtime! Thats where the Kings lost it and didnt make a single basket and ended up losing but still it was a super fun game and I'm sooo glad I found affordable tickets on craigslist so that I could take Laura to the game!

Christmas Eve we went to eat at the Kelleys' and exchange presents. Always a great time to see them and talk to them about what they have been up to.

After spending a couple hours in their home, Laura & I headed out to deliver Christmas goodies and presents to people. Kokob came over later to Linda's and ended up staying the night so she could be our photographer on Christmas morning. (jk!)

Woohoo for opening presents and having some fun on Christmas

We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's in Rocklin about 2pm for food and family activities.

I thought the gift exchange went really well! Going to do it again next year (but on a smaller budget) and draw names as well.

Got to spend a lot of time seeing some of our best friends from growing up in Woodland. Carissa & Nicole are both married now and Carissa has a super cute little girl named Kalai. They flew out here from Alabama and Nicole and Ben flew out to Woodland from Utah. Got to spend a few of the days we had in town visiting them at their parents house.

Of course the day after Christmas Laura & I headed out to Natomas to hit up some sales! Got great deals at Aeropostale, Tilly's and Kohls. Met up with my friend Eric who lives in NC but his family is in Sacramento. He's in the army and just got home in Sept so it was sooo great to see him again. And not just because he treated Laura & I to IN N Out for lunch! The pic of us (above) is kind of weird because I thought it was a serious face and instead....I am not sure, I am serious and Eric is making a kissy face maybe. Haha!

Got to visit one of my favorite Woodland families - the Castillos!

It was a great trip home for Christmas. I'm so glad I got to go . It was super fun to go thrift store shopping with Betty, see familiar faces in the Woodland 2nd ward, stay at Linda's house, see the relatives, deliver Christmas goodies to people, hang out with Kokob & Carissa & Nicole, shop at Food4Less and Grocery outlet, spend time with Laura, visit my old co-w0rkers at Color Supply and try to keep the speed limit. Woodland is so slow compared to Mesa! LOL

See you all next Christmas!

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Ashley Gilbert said...

Looks like a lot of and Laura are cool girls. Next time we will be here for Christmas, so maybe we can visit a lil longer. :) It was awesome to see you two!