Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jam-Packed Utah Weekend

I flew to Utah on Friday evening and we didn't have too much time when I got in to do very much but we did get to go to The Forgotten Carols & I got to meet Michael McLean. The Forgotten Carols was amazing, I've wanted to see it for a real long time. If you have never heard the soundtrack, get it. If you have never seen the play, GO SEE IT! It was totally worth the $$ to go and I was worried Tony wouldn't enjoy it but he honestly did. I was so surprised! It brought back wonderful memories of listening to the CD on the mission. Ahhh...wish I could see it again when it comes to ASU Gammage on Dec 23rd but I'll be in California! I feel so blessed that I got to go in Utah & that I could afford the tix and that Tony was not bored :)

Saturday was a busy busy day. Started with going to the Bulward Auction, so fun! But we didn't bid on anything.

Saturday afternoon we went to Tucanos for lunch! They let me use my free meal card as well so that saved me $12. YUM the food was oh so very good. Tucanos is in the outdoor Gateway mall so we got tickets to see The Blind Side at 4pm and walked around for about an hour or so until our movie started. I got a really cool warm hat at Aeropostale and then we got to the theater. The movie was EXCELLENT. LOVED IT. And Tony liked it too! Ahh sometimes I am worried that he is just participating with me in things that I want to do because he feels obligated, but he really truly thought it was a good movie. Yay!

Went to DI where I got a shirt and a pair of shoes. Went to Walmart to get some groceries, our hot cocoa cups and it was funny to see that the shopping cart had its own escalator! It is a 2 story walmart but there is just parking on the top. The store is really only 1 level but there is an entrance above that makes it a 2nd level. So strange.

Saturday evening Tony surprised me with a date to downtown SLC to have a carriage ride and look at the lights! We took Pandy & Hoote along and made hot chocolate with extra marshmallows to drink. The carriage was heated and they gave us a blanket which was nice.

Went back to Tony's and watched a movie and kind of crashed because we had done SO much in one day. It was busy but oh-so-fun!

I got tickets for us to go see the MoTab choir sing and it was for Sunday morning at 930am. We had to be IN our seats at 9am so we left Tony's house around 8. We had tickets for the terrace level and thats almost to the floor! First they had Music & The Spoken Word, then they had the Christmas concert. I've only been in there for General Conference and you are not allowed to clap after the talks, but for the concert, we could clap after most songs! Unless they were recording for a show they were putting together for next year on PBS. It was so cool and the music and choir was amazing. So was Natalie Cole & David McCullough who were the special guests. Even Pres. Monson was there with his family!

Some pix we took on temple square after the MoTab Christmas concert on Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we watched Elf which Tony had never seen, and also made a gingerbread house! Something Tony had also never ever done. Its definitely easier than it looks but we managed to get it stay up and decorated.

Sunday afternoon Tony & I made bread to bring to the Beckstead's for dinner and also homemade pizza! It was soo super good as it always is. We put pineapple on it. YUM

Michael Beckstead was my AP for awhile on the mission in Portland, Oregon. Great memories of him and the excellent job he did with presentations at zone conference. It was awesome to meet his little daughter Sadie & his wife Annie as well. She made dinner for Tony & I on Sunday evening in the crock pot and it was so super good! I got really full and could barely eat my brownie. Man. They live about 20 min or so away from Tony in SLC so it worked out well to go there and spend some time and catch up because I havent seen Michael since he left the mission.

I have never ever gone to see the lights on temple square and have always wanted to. Needless to say, I took TONS of pictures. Here are some...

It was just so amazing

So many lights. And creative nativity scenes. I didnt want to leave & I couldnt stop taking pix. Haha!

Loved loved loved the red lights!

Ok this is the last of the temple square Christmas lights pix. Promise! Even Tony in the pic above is getting tired of me wanting to take so many pix. Hehe.

Left early Monday morning to fly back to Arizona. Sad to leave Tony & all the fun things we did together in Utah. Excited for him to maybe come here for New Years & looking forward to planning lots of fun things to do when he comes!


Ash and Matt said...

Wow, you were busy!!! But you have to cram as much into a weekend as humanly possible when you're in a long-distance relationship, I know all about that :-) I'm jealous you got to see the Forgotten Carols! I love the soundtrack and playing the songs on the piano but have never seen the play. I'll have to put that on my to-do list... along with Blind Side, Christmas lights and Tucano's. Can I just steal your whole weekend?

Michael Beckstead said...
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