Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anyone Know How To Fix This?

On blogger there is a new editor and an old editor you can choose to use. I prefer the old one because its easier and creating my layout is so easy. Today though, I came to blog and the new editor keeps showing up. I tried it in the Firefox browser and here on Google Chrome. I check my settings, the old editor option is clicked, yet when I go to "new post" (or even check on my old posts) it pulls up the new editor which I do not want to use! Grrr....there is no flexibility to moving pictures around. Thats the main reason. Its just a lot harder. So..I guess for now I'll give you a pic to whet your appetite until I am able to post using the old editor.

Kokob is visiting me in Arizona for a few days this week and we went to see the Mesa temple lights on Monday night


Dragon_Fire said...

I don't know how to fix this. New editor is all that shows up for me as well. good luck.

Michael Beckstead said...

No idea... Good luck!

Ashley Gilbert said...

Remember that blog I posted a while ago complaining about the pictures? That was the same deal. It is in your settings. If you change it back to the old it should stay that way. I wish I remembered exactly what to do. Anyway, I was able to see all the fun posts, and it looks like you and Tony had a lot of fun this Christmas!