Friday, December 11, 2009

Always A Fan

Heck Yes. Its true. Even though I have lived in Arizona for 2 years now, I'm still a Sacramento Kings fan. No matter how bad they play or how many games they lose, I'm still cheering them on! I have been to 1 game since being here in Arizona but last Saturday the 5th, changed that. The Kings came to play the Suns at the US Airways Center in Phoenix and this time Paul, Rene and Joey came too!

We rode the light rail to the game which saved gas and $$. Saw some of the dancers (I dont know what they are called) and we took pix with them. Only bc they were standing around taking pix with fans...and we are not fans of theirs but we did match in color. Joey is wearing my Kings hat even though it was a little big for him. It was his first Kings game! YeAH!

The arena was not sold out. The balcony level where we were sitting was more crowded than down below! When the game started, after the Kings were introduced, the stadium lit up orange because the Phoenix Suns colors are purple and orange. It was quite the sight.

Kings players warming up

My favorite. I love when they huddle and do their thing before the game starts.

This is another one of my favorite sites at a Kings game. 2 girls sang the national anthem and did a pretty good job.

The game was pretty close until the 4th quarter. The Kings were either ahead or tied and then slowly the Suns gained on them. The final score was 115 to 107. The Kings played hard...maybe could have played a bit harder in the last quarter but all in all it was so fun to go to the game and cheer them on. We were lucky enough to have 2 other Kings fans in our section! A dad and his son. I talked to them afterwards for a moment. They moved out here from the Sacramento area as well.

On the lightrail on the ride home. Joey was so sleepy :)

Here I am riding on the lightrail. WOOT & feeling so happy to have gone to see the Kings play!

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Michael Beckstead said...

Fun times at NBA Games! GO LAKERS!