Thursday, November 12, 2009

They Wait

I was recently in a play called "They Wait" written by Larry Stone:

at the Mesa Arts Center and we performed on Nov 7th at 5pm and 8pm. It was great to get out and do something different, meet new people & learn some acting skills. Here are some pictures from the play, where I was cast as a zombie. No lines. Sweet makeup. It was perfect.

Its about 5 people trapped in a warehouse and zombies are trying to get in at them. They have to find a way (the people trapped) to make it out. The practicing for this started a few months ago I guess but they just added the zombies in about a month before the play started. We practiced in a building on the ASU campus, then moved to Mesa to practice, then onto our set!

Brian is missing from this picture but here is me along with most of the zombies

Me & my friend Melanie. I think its funny her face is all bloody & smiling while I am making a mean face. The other pic is of me attacking Abraham. He played a main character in the play.

Jennifer (left) with Tara (who played the main girl, Cindy)

The day we performed, Mesa Arts Center wouldn't let us in until 4pm! We went on at FIVE! So we went to Evermore Nevermore, a shop on Main Street, that Amanda (pictured above) and her mom own and we got our makeup done there until we could go to the MAC.

Amanda doing another amazing job on my face!

Behind the scenes - pretend the ladder is not there - the window is where all the zombies would bang whenever the curtain was opened on the other side. It was a small space for 7 zombies but we made it work. I played Cindy's mom so when she said "Good morning , good morning!" I got into position with my back facing the window. When the curtain was opened and Cindy says "Mom? Mom! I see my mom out there! Mom!!" I slowly turn and walk towards the window with my head down. When I get to the window, my head snaps up and forward and I have a blank stare in my eye and I start pounding my fist in slow motion on the window. During the 2nd show the window was about to fall out so I couldnt bang on it as hard. But it was fun to have a certain part to play as a zombie.

Posing like how Deb wanted Uncle Rico to pose, on Napoleon Dynamite

All in all I had a great time being in this play. A bit bummed no family or friends were able to see me but I am getting a copy on DVD I think. Hopefully I can be in another play soon ! I prefer doing background work than being a main character. Just FYI ;-)