Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Fair!

I'm a huge fan of going to the fair. Fair food. Rides. Exhibits. People watching. Animals. Concerts. I miss the County fair in Woodland, CA so very very very much. I miss the Sacramento State fair too. But since I live in Arizona now, I'd have to settle for the state fair here.

I was lucky enough to go to the fair a couple times with friends 2 weeks in a row. The first time I went with my friend Ben (his first time to the fair ever!) Jennifer & Melanie, and their friends Sam , David and Becky. We went ate fair food ( I had pork & rice ) and went on a couple rides...

Ferris wheel - a'ight....Haunted Mansion (there were 2) but this one was lame!

since it was Ben's first time at the fair, it was also his first time on the Ferris Wheel

Went to the Old School Jamz concert where Lisa Lisa performed and Stevie B. Some of Lisa Lisa's songs sounded familiar. I liked Stevie B even though I'd never heard him before. Fun show! With lots of people, age ranges, up dancing or singing along. Way cool.

Got some more fair food....stopped by the exhibition building on the way out and then Melanie was nice enough to drop me off at my car.

The other night I went to the fair was a Tuesday night and I skipped play practice to go...shh!... and I went with my friend Chris who had about 70 or so ride tickets to use up and I still had about 30 to use. I stupidly forgot my battery charging at work so all I had was my camera phone - boo! - but it was better than nothing. Sorry for the not so great pix though. Once at the fair, I got a hamburger which was super good and only $4. We went to the David Cook concert...

which turned out to be a great show. Chris wasnt so sure but he's a fan now. I didnt know so many of David's songs but I still enjoyed the concert. The BEST part about his show was when he came down off the stage (surrounded by a bunch of security of course!) and was singing IN the crowd of people. I wanted to rush down from my seat but it only lasted a couple minutes. Still was neat to see him singing on the main floor down with everyone and of course ther was a mad rush of people trying to get a close pic of him or touch his arm. Kind of funny but very very cool. Mad props to David Cook for being brave enough to do that!

Then we went on a bunch of rides.;Disc-O , we went on the spinning cups, cyclone, a roller coaster, many other rides until the ride Chris wanted to go on, it's his "tradition" was this upside down ride thing called the Zipper. I was not a fan at all. It was my first upside down ride ever. I tried to tell the people in the cage across from us before the ride started that I wanted to get out. Haha!

my new favorite ride - Disc-O!

Chris & I on the tea-cup ride...hehe

I liked this ride, whatever it was called. It went FAST (to me)

The upside down Zipper ride - I did not really like it! This was my FIRST upside down ride I've ever been on in my 27 years of life. For reals!!

Then we ate more fair food & went home. I'm so glad to go to the fair twice! Esp bc of the pineapple whip that I missed the first time around..and the fact I got it for $2 instead of $4 was extra nice ;-)

I thought they only sold these in Disneyland!! and maybe Hawaii! And to think, if we had not been searching for corn-on-the-cob for Chris, I never would have found this booth! it was a little bit tucked away...phew!


Gates & Tausha said...

pineapple yummy thing looks yummy! glad you got to go again and enjoy the concert and more RIDES! so the zipper is my fave too...except last year there was a crazier one that might have beat it...but i forgot the name...but zipper has been #1 for a long time. i'm proud stacie, it's about TIME you went on an upside down ride!

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

I just don't do upside down rides.. never..

Michael Beckstead said...

What a blast! Yeah, you need to come see us when you are in SLC in December!