Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cant Forget About Sunday!

The last day of the best. weekend. ever.

Hopefully its not the end of best weekends ever, right?!??!

My morning of sleeping in & watching a movie online & cleaning my room was good.

Church in the afternoon was good I think. I dont remember now if I went to the family ward, Gable YSA ward or the Countryside Park Ysa ward. O well.

I DO remember that I burned Brennen the Owl City cd bc he is really liking that band now and he had invited me over for a family dinner at his parents house. Heck yes!!

I got to meet some of his step-siblings and get to know his dad and step-mom better. His dad made the BEST lasanga...not too much sauce or cheese. It was PERFECT. The broiled french bread turned out so so so good. Not burned at all. We had a veggie, played Uno! (one of my favorites) and sang Happy Birthday to Brennen & had some cake & ice-cream. I was SO FULL!

Then we played Wii until I left around 9'ish or so. It was so fun spending time at Brennen's parents house & enjoying good company , laughs and food!

*he turned 27...not 25! there are 2 single candles off to the right...*

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