Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BOO! To You!

I must admit, I wasn't very excited for Halloween this year. Not sure why...maybe its because I couldn't figure out a costume until a couple days before the 31st. I managed to avoid all the YSA costume parties because of it too. I didn't want to wear my Sacramento Kings gear again or my Aquabats costume. Finally I came up with the idea to be a panda but by the time I figured it out, I wasn't able to go to any parties. Even if I wanted to! So I'll save the idea for next year. Or my other great idea was this:

a Jabbawockeez dancer. I know, I'll have to get a few cool dance moves down but I have a year to practice, right?

Around 730pm Brennen and I met up and went to CHIPOTLE! For FREE burritos (when you wear foil)..

Here we are standing in line (which wasn't too long thank goodness) Brennen had made foil rings , trying to be "Mr. T" and I just made a hat thing for my head. LOL They even had a box of foil up by the cash register for those who forgot foil or didn't know, to quickly make something to wear so that their food could be free. I look forward to this every Halloween!

We are so excited for our free food. It fed me for two meals! YEAH!

Around 8:45 I headed out to my cousins place in Chandler where they were out trick-or-treating with Joey but they went out, along with Rene's cousin, to go to Mill Ave in Tempe. The street was shut down for a huge block party and while they did that...

[ had a picture of Joey & his candy to put here..but now I cant find it..boo ]

Joey & I hung out and sorted his candy, played some Wii games, watched a movie & fell asleep. Paul & Rene got home around 1am so I didn't make it to any parties when I left their house. Its all good though. There's always next year!

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Michael Beckstead said...

Looks like a pretty relaxing Halloween...