Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Super Busy Saturday

Part 2 of the Best. Weekend. Ever.

Saturday started early. I went to REI and waited in line with my friend Justin for the members only sale. Some people camped overnight. Justin got in line a bit after 6. I arrived at 8. Was supposed to get there sooner but when I heard they werent giving out numbers, I slept in a little. They put people in 2 lines and there were 2 sections fenced off with orange plastic and at 9am they let everyone in and once everyone was in their sections (this all took place outside) then you could go inbetween both sides. People are quick and grab the good stuff but I was able to snag a camelback waterproof backpack for $20 instead of $130 and the only reason it had been returned was because the customer wasnt satisfied.

Hooray for me!

Got a couple other things , said bye to Justin & went to Target. The best deal I got was a car seat cover for the drivers seat in my car. $4.99. I love the end shelves at this store! I used a bunch of coupons to get $$ off soap and toothpaste. Exciting I know.

In the afternoon I kind of relaxed after my busy morning and chatted with my dad online, worked on cleaning my room, washed my car and washed my birds!

They really enjoyed being sprayed by the mist from the hose. Chloe' is on the left with Mr. Chubbs and Rococo and Shanaynae (on the ladder) on the right hand side of the cage. Chloe' has her wings all spread out in this pic, enjoying the "rain"

Went to Chandler to pick up my battery charger from work for my camera. Stopped by Fry's Foods to get this whipped cream stuff that doesnt expire til January! and it tastes WAY better than regular whipped cream. It is so so so so so GOOD!

Here is 1 of the containers I bought (less than $2!) and I'm trying to do the healthy thing and eat some apples with it. A little more whipped cream, a little less apple!

Picked up food from Panda Express because I had a coupon that was about to expire, got some for Brennen too. Drove back to Mesa to his dad's house where we hung out until I got a call from my friend Kyle saying that he had been able to get me into the Owl City concert @ Martini Ranch in Scottsdale. YAHOO!!!! I had been wondering all day if he'd be able to get me in and he was able to do it!

So I went to Jamba Juice (had a coupon for there too and got a gift card for some friends who got married) and changed clothes at home, went to the reception for about 10 minutes or so and then headed out to Scottsdale. I had to be there at 8:45pm . No sooner. No later. Or I wouldnt be able to get in. Luckily I was able to get there right on time, talked to the guy at the door, showed him my ID and he lead me around to the back and wah - lah - I was in!!!

The show was awesome!

It was so packed inside so I managed to get on 1 side of the stage but that meant that Adam, the lead singer, never really looked over towards me. OH well, his drummer was real good so that was fun to watch. There were people of all ages here. It was a really fun concert.

Got back to Mesa about 10:15 and Brennen and his sister Kim picked me up and we went to a Rock Band party hosted by Countryside Park ward. The Rock Band was set up on a big screen outside.

There were also tons and tons of boxes of pizza that had been eaten. There was delish homemade rootbeer. Steve Cox kissed my eye. I talked to a few friends. Dil avoided me it seemed. Haha. It was so much fun. I'm glad I got to go. OH and I wore my Owl City shirt (had to get one!) and on my way in, a guy heading out said "Oh I love Owl City!" and I said "Me too! I just came from their concert" and he was like "No way! Lucky! How'd that happen? " and I said "I have a friend who got me in. Dont worry, they'll be back in April if not sooner."

Saturday was a jam-packed day but it went so awesome I wouldnt change a thing (well, being able to go to Joey's soccer game would have been hecka nice..but..next Saturday I'll be there!)


Michael Beckstead said...

Wow! You have the most packed weekends of anyone I know...

Ash and Matt said...

SO jealous of that camelbak deal! That's awesome. And the Backstreet Boys/Kristi Yamaguchi concert looks like it was a blast! BSB was so cool back in elementary school (I was definitely in a "fan club" at Prairie!)... and, let's be honest, they're still cool now. How fun!