Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Photos of the Day

The bangle tiger cat at work just chillin. Looked funny so I took a pic.

I thought this car had sweet rims

The morning I was to get my wisdom tooth out. Got $1 off a strawberries & creme Starbucks frappachino. It helped my morning a tiny bit.

Protesters that slow down traffic above the freeways (the 60) and they usually are protesting the cameras that are going west-bound towards Phoenix


Michael Beckstead said...

Great photos! You just got your wisdom teeth out now? Did they not come in before the mission?

Stacie said...

I had 2 done before the mission and the other one was way too high up for them to take out. Until..2 Fridays ago :-/

Ash and Matt said...

Bummer about the wisdom teeth! Hope you're feeling better. That cat cracks me up, by the way :-)