Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Conference Weekend

Landing in SLC , UT on Friday October 2nd

My flight was an hour late in leaving Phoenix and the plane was hot and smelly (due to people/children) and the lady next to me complained the whole way. I did get to see the band Cavo but they were on a flight headed to New Orleans. Sad day.

The original plan had been for me to get in at 6pm, change, do a session at the SLC temple & go to eat. I ended up landing at 7pm and the last session at the temple was at 8pm so we would probably not have made it in time. My visiting teacher Tara told me about this place called the Red Iguana so we decided to check it out. It is so popular that we had to wait and hour to be seated! So we went across the street and had dessert first at Leatherby's.

We shared mint chocolate ice-cream and it was so good!

The picture on the left is the door into the Red Iguana. It is COVERED with stickers from many places, to "represent" I guess. There were even a couple of In N Out stickers!

We got the Red Iguana Plate and it had a bunch of food to try. I liked pretty much everything and even with Tony & I sharing it we had a whole box of leftovers to take home. Definitely a winner place to eat and I cant wait to go here again next time I am in Utah. I cant believe Tony used to live right down the street from this place and we never knew about it or how popular it is!

Saturday morning we dropped off Tony's "new" truck to be check out at a mechanic and we walked to a church building and sat and listened to the morning session of conference on my Zune.

We went to Tucanos for lunch. I thought it was really good. My friend Steve Cox met us there and I ate and ate and ate - even more than Tony! The food just settled really well in me I guess. I for sure got my money's worth. When you want them to bring meat to your table , you flip the wood peg to green. When you dont want them to stop and offer you meat, you flip it to red. You use the tongs to hold the meat as they slice it (if it is a sliced meat). I liked the sliced meat the best and the rice & fruit salad. I never got to make a regular salad or try too many things at the salad bar but Tony liked Tucanos and said he'd like to go again sometime. Yay!

Tony & I watched the afternoon session at his place, then did a few errands before Tony took off to the priesthood session and Laura picked me up and then we went to pick up our friend Suzie! We met her at a Camp Ritchie YSA Labor Day wknd in California & have been friends ever since. She got back this year from her mission to New York and so it was great that we could all be in Utah and hang out some!

After meeting up with our guys on temple square when the Priesthood session got out (me-tony, Laura - rolfy , Suzie - her friend I forget his name but he just got off his mission a few days ago!) We went to eat at Noodles & Co (minus Laura & Rolfy who went to Tucanos) and I believe there was a picture taken but it is not on my camera so it will be inserted in this blog later.

[ picture here later ]

Tony, Suzie and I dropped off Suzie's friend & we went to my friend Teresa's birthday party. That was cool to see her. Teresa and I both served in the Oregon Portland Mission. We stayed about 45 min or so admiring her birthday presents - an iphone and snuggie - and dropped Suzie off at her aunts and then went to bed. SO TIRED! and we had to be up early for the morning session of conference on Sunday.

Enjoyed Music & the Spoken Word before conference started at 10am

So many people down below

Always gotta take a picture coming out of the conference center with the SLC temple in the background

Saw Laura after the morning session got out and took a quick pic

We went to eat at Dees Restaurant after looking at a couple houses. I was so starving! Gotta love the cheesy fries with fry sauce! Only in Utah...

Watched the afternoon session at Tony's and then Brian & Susan came over to visit! Brian & I both served in the Oregon Portland Mission. I havent seen them since their reception last year. They hung out for about 45 min or so before having to leave. Yay for seeing friends!!

I went to my friend Aimee's to pick up some tapes she had converted to DVD of my mission for me that my dad had sent her. Talked to her for a bit while Tony read stories to her daughter Bailey who is 2 I believe. It was sooo awesome to see that and I wish I had gotten a pic. Sometimes I wonder how Tony is/how he will be, around children because I never see him interact with them ever! But he did a great job in reading to her and she kept bringing him more and more books. So funny.

Watched a movie and popped popcorn and Monday morning Tony took me to the airport. It was harder for me to leave this time because as of today , there are 50 days til Thanksgiving , and thats when I will see him next! Seems like an awfully long time :( Thank goodness for Internet, web cams, texting, cell phones and IM so we can keep in touch!


Michael Beckstead said...

So you come to Utah but you never say hi or stop by???!!! What's with that?

Stacie said...

uhh ahhh :( :( :( i will be back in december i think! and you'll be first on my list to come see!

Adam Borg said...

The Red Iguana is so good!

Aimee said...

So, now anytime any guy comes over, bailey makes them sit in the same spot Tony did, and brings them books. Its hilarious.