Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chris Daughtry in concert!

Thanks to fairly cheap tickets online & a rescheduled show that opened up more tickets to be sold I guess, I was able to see Chris Daughtry LIVE at the Marquee Theater on October 13th. Here are some pix from the show...

I didnt know all the songs her performed but it was great to sing along to the ones I did know and see him again in real life! The last time I saw him was in 2007 when he performed at the state fair in Sacramento, CA. I liked the single he performed coming off his new album , which I am not sure when it comes out, but probably soon! Cant wait!

I got a bit closer to the stage towards the end of the show which was cool. Also it was nice that my friend Bryan & his friend could come to the concert as well so I wasn't totally by myself.

I posted a couple vids I took on my Facebook page so feel free to go check those out as well

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Michael Beckstead said...

That looked like an awesome concert! That is so great!