Monday, October 26, 2009

Best. Weekend. Ever.

And because ( I know sentences shouldnt start out with those words..but..its a blog...) it was the best weekend ever, I might have to write about it in 2 or 3 separate posts.

I'll start with Friday night.

Kristi Yamaguchi Ft. The Backstreet Boys @ US Airways Center in Phoenix. AMAZING. It was SO worth the money to go. It was worth it even though I went by myself. They were taping this for a tv-special airing November 1st (I think). Here are some pix I took from the evening:

The arena was set up SO COOL! Lots of neat light combination's and the Backstreet Boys were at the opposite end from where I was but its okay. At least I could see them.

This pair was amazing! Eesp when he swung her by her feet!

This couple was amazing! They skated to one of my favorite songs from Glee.

I should probably crop this pic, the camera crew is in the way, but this is Michael Wiess mid-air

This couple was really good. She even flipped him upside down!

I will have to look up what his name is but he is the guy who can do a back flip on ice! WITH skates on! So amazing.

Yuki Sato

My Backstreet Boys!! Loved the stage background behind them too. Sooo pretty

Ekaterina Gordeeva was one of my absolute favorites growing up to watch on TV so it was so awesome to see her skate live!

Kurt Browing. Another favorite! He is so funny & entertaining.

At the end of the show all the skaters came out and skated together and then they lined up with the Backstreet Boys.

GREAT SHOW. YES YES YES. Did I say that already?

Then afterwards, since this is going to be on tv, they had a few of the skaters who fell in their routine, redo that part so they can fit it into the tape and make it "perfect" for when it is on tv. I had no idea they did stuff like that ! LOL


Michael Beckstead said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. So the Backstreet Boys performed while the skaters did their routines?

Stacie said...

Yeah! They'd sing a few songs while skaters skated, then they'd go off stage for a bit and other skaters just skated to music/songs and then they came out and sang again. Very good idea. I wasnt sure how it was going to go but I liked it!