Friday, September 4, 2009

Sister Visit!

I have been soo excited for Laura to come visit me in Arizona as soon as I bought her ticket and knew she was coming for reals. When Laura got off the plane on Thursday afternoon, I found her pretty easily waiting for me at the Phoenix Airport. We went to Yogurtland to try out what they had to offer. Thought it was a 1/2 off day but you had to have some card and even the employees there didnt know where you could get the card but we enjoyed our frozen yogurt immensely. I'm a huge fan now...tasted so good you really didn't need to add any toppings!

Came to Mesa, unloaded Laura's stuff from my car and headed to my institute class because it was the opening social and I didnt want to miss it. Enjoyed food afterwards and she met some of my friends. Then we just went back to my place and hung out and I showed her around my place.

Friday I worked in the morning but at 1215 Laura picked me up and we met up with Rene @ Benihana's for lunch! MMMmmm it was so so good

Then we shopped shopped shopped all afternoon! Laura & I went to Arizona Mills mall and it is a huge oval like a track,with stores on both sides. Plus its a outlet mall so things are a bit cheaper there. Found this cute cute cherry dress at Burlington Coat Factory. Of course I bought it! It was nice to be in a cool mall rather than outside in the hot hot heat which I usually miss M-F because I am inside working at my desk!

Friday evening we were so tired that we just rented a couple movies and chilled. For dinner we went to Pita Jungle in Mesa and it was kind of a fast dinner because we were still full from lunch.

Saturday morning we went to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Scottsdale. Mmmm so worth $3.25 a cupcake. Definitely the kind that takes a little time to eat and not just gobble down. Our friend Tim came with us because he wanted a morning adventure I think.

Right next door to Sprinkles was...another Yogurtland!

This time I didn't put any toppings on my yogurt. I tried 3 or 4 different flavors. Mmm Mmm

After dropping Tim off to his car, we hit up a couple Goodwill stores for their 1/2 off sales!

I'm a sucker for bird shirts but I didnt buy this one...

Door on the left is Laura trying on 5 items, no wait, HOW many hangers are in there with her? Trying on ELEVEN items of clothing! Haha we found sooo much good stuff. It was such a successful shopping trip! Laura found the cool cherry plate but I will paint one myself someday.

Enjoyed a late lunch here and I was stoked to take Laura who has heard all about it but never eaten here before. She loved it!

Came home and met up with Brennen a little later in the evening and went over to my friend Alex's who was having a low-key party at his mom's house because she was out of town. Then we went to another party where there were a bunch of bands playing in someone's backyard. Hung out there, went to Fry's Grocery Store because I really wanted Laura to see how cool this grocery store is...and I think she liked it a lot!

Sunday morning we slept in and then got up and made food. Laura made me rice-a-roni, chicken and brownies. I made angel food cake to take to Nicole and Benson's for dinner in Maricopa that evening.

We went to the Gable YSA ward for sacrament mtg. and talked to Rusty afterwards. He is so nice! Went home and changed and drove out to Maricopa where we were having dinner. We got some really good pics with Joshua, Hannah and Asher but they are on Laura's camera and she still hasnt sent me the pix a week later!! so I will be adding them to this blog as soon as I get them. We had a very fun time visiting with everyone and Nicole made a delish dinner of spaghetti, salad and french bread. The angel food cake with whipped cream for dessert was super yum.

Stopped by Paul & Rene's afterwards for an hour or so then headed back to Mesa where we wrapped up the evening by finishing a movie, downloading some songs for Laura's i-river and I fell asleep long before she did!

Us @ the airport Monday morning early. Thanks Laura for coming out to see me before you head up to BYU-Idaho! I had a blast and hope you did too & I also hope you can come visit me again sometime soon!

Also..many many MANY thanks to my friend Mary in Woodland, CA for sending a little something in the mail to help Laura & I party it up (or down) on our special weekend together!

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Michael Beckstead said...

What fun times with your sister!