Monday, July 20, 2009

It's The Middle That Counts


After some confusion and hassle, I got to ride up with Linda , Laura and a few girls in the Woodland 2nd ward up to Camp Ritchie early Monday morning on July 6. Scored a bed up in the nurses cabin again and had an outlet right by my bed and a working sink! Could camping get any better?! I'm so glad they let me stay in the nurses cabin because rappelling staff were supposed to be in tents but I played the "I'm only going to see my sister for a week!" card so they let me stay. Phew.

SO EXCITED that Laura was back from her mission and we could both be at camp together again!

I've really missed this view. Now I was back for one whole week to enjoy it every day!

The second level made stew and cobbler in dutch ovens after learning about how to build different kinds of fires. They had to start a fire with a flint & steel. Eventually all 3 groups got it! The stew that they made was sooo delicious I didnt even eat lunch up in the lodge.

Posing with Linda for a pic after the camp picture which happened Tuesday afternoon I believe

I'm not a morning person. And neither was Pandy! Lol. She got to sleep in while I, being on rappelling staff, had to be up and out at 5:45am every day except Friday (which everything was an hour later that day) .

Left hand side picture is the rappelling staff belaying girls down the rock durning the early morning rappelling. I worked with Sheila (course master, purple sweatshirt), Matt (blue sweatshirt) , his student Jessica (pink) and Bro May (khaki hat) as well as a couple other people who were on staff.

Pandy came to camp with me and tried not to get into too much trouble. For the most part she did well, except when she got onto Laura's bed and tried to hide some water balloons.

The weather was AMAZING. 80's in the day and 50's at night. It was perfect. I wore pants every day except Monday and then one evening I got hot from running around so I wore some shorts. Other than that I was almost cold. Especially at night. Brrr! It was a great change from the hot hot Arizona heat though.

Awesome stake presidency skit one evening with the help of Steve the cook and Bro Haley, the camp nurse. They did a spin-off of "The Princess Bride"

Lodge in the evening. Trash had a certain place to go. Everything was usually neat an organized.

Rappelling staff made a boat for the boat race on Friday down at the lake. It had to be a cardboard boat and we got 1-1/2 rolls of duct tape to use. Other supplies we used for out boat was wood, styrofoam and plastic milk jugs & plastic bags. Couldnt wait til Friday to see if our boat would sink or float!

Thursday was the first aid hike. Laura was injured while running through camp down by the rappelling wall in flip flops! I was the "screamer" and I was supposed to be in shock.

All the injuries and their "screamers"

Hanging out at the lake on Friday for the beach-swim party!

Looks like our boat floats!! Sheila did a great job paddling the lake.

Some random by the rappelling stuff on Saturday morning and then the rope bridge from the Indiana Jones trail on Friday evening

Saturday morning, water staff gave out awards for the boats that we had made and "raced" on Friday. We got a tiny canoe and a spyglass!

Me with friends! Jazmin, Lacey and Katie!

Headed out Saturday morning. Loaded up Linda's van so it was packed! Took Sis Morgan so it was just the 4 riding together. Stopped at In N Out in Placerville, as did almost every other vehicle coming out of camp! LOL. Got home in the afternoon and took a shower and relaxed for awhile. I'm so glad I got to go to Girls Camp again this year & help with rappelling staff. Who knows when I'll be able to go again!


Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

Yay! I love Camp Ritchie! I tried to get my family stake to go there for girls camp this year, but they wouldn't do it??? Weirdos! If they saw it they would TOTALLY go! :) Looks like fun with your sis! :)

Emily said...

Awww girls camp. Thanks for posting this blog, made me remember girls camp. Fun times!