Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goodbye Is Not Forever

Had fun hanging out with Laura & Jeffrey one last time after getting back from camp on Saturday. Got to go to the Woodland 2nd ward for sacrament mtg on Sunday and hang out for a few hours before I started my drive back to Arizona. I had planned to leave around 11 but it was more around 2pm. These are some pics taken with Laura and Jeffrey <-- the last time I will see him for about 2 years as he leaves August 6 to serve a mission for our church in Durban, South Africa! He is way excited to go and I am very excited for him! He will have some amazing experiences over there I am sure.

Met up with Kokob in Tracy and she gave me her birthday present which I loved! (chocolate cherry bar, bird necklace, lotion & cherry jam/jelly!) Grabbed a cup of ice and a Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino and I was on my way. The drive was alright. I ended up on the 99 instead of i-5 but its okay. The traffic wasnt too bad and I talked to friends the whole way pretty much. Thanks to Tony, Laura, Kokob, Brennen, Rusty, Ashley and Matthew for helping me stay awake! I made it to Mesa a little after 3am and was in to work before 9am.

Adventures on the way home:

- Ghetto ghetto gas station in Victorville and this grandma came over to me when I was pulling up to a pump, crying because she had no money for gas to get to Palmdale and her son and grandson were with her so after I got gas I went in and put $10 on her pump for her. Hope it wasnt a scamish scam...

- 3 CHP (CA Highway Patrol) passed me so fast a bit after leaving Victorville and there was an accident on the left side of the road and on the right side by me a bunch of officers had cuffed a guy in the grass and were pulling him to his feet

- headed more into Phoenix, maybe 2-3 hours away and the guy in front of me was drifting all over his lane and acting real weird so I called 911 and they sent a car out to follow the guy. I ended up passing him eventually, then I passed the cop car hiding out and I dont know what happened after that.

All in all an exciting drive home & I'm glad not to have to make it again til December!


Michael Beckstead said...

Man, you are one of the busiest people I know! That is great that you take advantage to do so much!

Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

So basiclly I missed Lauras homecoming talk and I am so sad!!! Anyway, have her call me cuz we need to get together. :)

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Why did I not know until now that you had a blog? I'll have to go read more when I get home! (don't do well on the laptop on vacation!)

big_smartmouth said...

a mission in south africa?! how cool! well, not as cool as portland, oregon, eh stacie? =) i am one of those weirdos that LOVE car trips. we'll be having a long one in september (going back home from maryland to oregon). i can't wait. i loved your quick update on what happened on your drive. i might just have to steal that idea!