Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sunday in Portland

Sunday morning I got to go to 3 wards for sacrament meeting that I had served in as a missionary from 2003-2005. First stop was the Clackamas ward which started at 9am. I got to see the Yates, Robertson's, Loves, Bever's, Baird's, Tucker's, Zink's, Sis Saathoff, and more people sorry if I did not list your name! It was a bit overwhelming but way awesome to see these friendly faces again and say "hi" in person instead of just on Facebook! I love the Clackamas ward. The people there are pretty awesome.

Next we drove to Cedar Mill, across the river about 30 min or so away. Tony napped in the car and I went to the first meeting where the Cluff's gave an awesome talk together and talked about geo-caching! nice! and I got to see the Murphy's, Fisher's, Kramer's, Banton's, and more names that I do not quite remember. Sat next to the "new" mission president which was cool but he left early so I didnt get to tell him who I was! So nice to see the people in the Skyline ward and it felt wondeful that they remembered me because I havent kept in such great touch w/everyone there.

Last but not least we crossed back over the river to go to the Hartley Park ward and we were late so we sat in the foyer. I saw the Schmidt's and the Wilson's who are now in that ward! Hartley Park ward has split somewhat recently I guess so I was disappointed not to see a lot of people there that I knew but I heart the Wilson's and Schmidt's and the other people I talked to there were super friendly.

Headed to the Portland Temple - one of my favorites! - to take some pictures...

I love the macro on my Olympus

Stopped by my friend Rachel's home to meet her for the first time. She lives in Beaverton and helped me with my online e-zine back in 98-2001 and we have kept in touch ever since. She has gotten married and has 2 kids now. It was fun to see her face-to-face. She is really nice!

Drove around the Cedar Mill area to try to see some people and drove by CMC (Cedar Mill Crossing) the most dangerous and scary (esp at night) apartment complex to be in as missionaries. Turns out the apartments are being remodeled so I had to take a picture just because I have a lot of memories there. Reading the Book of Mormon every week with a lady and her 2 little dogs that smelled, visiting the Lingles and less-active members and investigators (people interested in learning more)

I dont have a picture but Tony and I drove out to Forest Grove to have dinner with my friends Chad & Sara. We had burgers and ribs and fresh blackberries with ice cream for dessert. Sara and I are pretty close to the same age and I enjoyed working with her when I was a missionary in Cedar Mill. We've kept in fairly good contact since I returned home in April 2005.

Tony and I got back to Damascus around midnight and just crashed because we were so super tired. Chalk it up for another great day in Portland.


Michael Beckstead said...

That is awesome you got to be in Portland! I need to get back there ASAP!

Aaron and Ashley said...

Portland looks so pretty! I love the pic of you and Tony. :) Looks like good times!

Dave said...

It is always so much fun to go back, I have only made it to Seattle once so far.